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Why that dream Bali job may be far from perfect
So, you fancy working remotely – from home or a co-working space, or even poolside from an incubator in Bali? Careful what you wish for.
Gaming headsets to help tackle concussion in sport
Gaming technology has been tested on a dozen GWS Giants players as well as players from Macquarie University's AFL, Rugby Union and Rugby League teams in a bid to improve player safety.
House fires kill more Australians than all natural hazards
More Australians die in residential fires on average than by all natural hazards combined – and most of these fires are preventable, new research confirms.
Hardship during the Great Recession linked with lasting mental health declines
People who suffered a financial, housing-related, or job-related hardship as a result of the Great Recession were more likely to show increases in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and problematic drug use, research shows.
What psychological contract do you have with your employer?
Alongside your contracted salary and benefits, you have a set of unspoken expectations about what your employer will do for you. If they fail to deliver, the consequences can be dire for everyone involved.
HSC students, don't delay: here's how to beat procrastination right now
Procrastination affects all of us and is particularly concerning for students heading into the HSC exams. Macquarie University researcher Dr Carolyn Schniering offers advice to improve motivation and get the best results you can.
Macquarie University commits to improving LGBTIQ participation
Macquarie University has become a key partner in the Australian Pride in Sport program, committing to further develop and enhance LGBTIQ participation across all its Campus Life sport and recreation departments.
The suburb earmarked to host Sydney's first national park in the sky
Astronomers fighting light pollution have high hopes this well-heeled coastal retreat will become home to the Southern Hemisphere’s first accredited urban dark sky reserve.
Macquarie University wins $14 million in health research funding
Macquarie University researchers have been awarded $14 million in funding for research projects that aim to improve the safety and quality of healthcare and find effective treatments for conditions including Alzheimer’s Disease, Motor Neurone
New research: Online treatment for obsessive-compulsive symptoms found to increase access to effective treatment
Researchers find internet-delivered cognitive behavior therapy effective in treating OCD, having potential to reduce extreme waitlists currently experienced at specialist anxiety clinics.
STEM program for Indigenous school children wins Eureka Prize
A project dedicated to using science to place Indigenous young people into leadership positions was last night awarded the Eureka Prize for STEM Inclusion at the 2019 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.
Blue Carbon Horizons wins 2019 Eureka Prize for Environmental Science
Professor Neil Saintilan of Macquarie University’s Department of Environmental Sciences has won the 2019 Eureka Prize for Environmental Science, as part of the Blue Carbon Horizons team.