Late April bushfires may cost the community dearly
War artefacts housed in the Australian History Museum at Macquarie University
Sacrifice beyond the battlefield
Is Facebook listening to our conversations?
Faster, higher, stronger: Is there a limit to human endurance?

As world records keep falling during the 2018 Commonwealth Games, we ask how fast can humans run, swim, cycle and throw and when will we reach our limits?

Could your car be hacked?

Our smart vehicles are increasingly vulnerable and it’s time for stronger safety standards, warns security expert John Baird.

Opinion dressed up as fact: who can we trust for our news?

The rise of fake news means the role of teachers is more important than ever as they push back against the tide of personal opinion passing as fact.

Many advanced melanomas can now be beaten

Oncologist Rick Kefford’s job is both heart-breaking and hugely rewarding, as melanoma cancer research leaps ahead, he now sees hope for patients who wouldn't have survived three years ago.

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Health and Medicine

Less than two in three treatments for common childhood ills meet guidelines

The landmark CareTrack Kids study has found care met clinical guidelines in less than two thirds of treatments for 17 common childhood conditions.

Big events trigger a rise in hearing loss

Even though hearing loss can be prevented, a rise in the 'hidden' causes of hearing loss leaves many Australians struggling to hear in noisy environments.

Zebrafish take science a step closer to an MND cure

A diagnosis of motor neuron disease is a death sentence for 800 Australians every year.  But there is reason for hope.

Science and Technology

How baker's yeast made in a lab is set to change the world

Science fiction is becoming reality as researchers move closer to creating the first synthetic complex life form.

Bright idea: Lights under boards may hide surfers from sharks

The quest to understand how sharks perceive their world has led Macquarie researchers to develop a surfboard with lights that could save the lives of surfers and divers.

Arts and Society

Stop scrolling: social media detox improves your wellbeing

A new study on the impact of social media on mental health says just 10 minutes on Facebook looking at thin, glamourous people can trigger negative feelings.

On the brink of extinction, a male primary school teacher speaks out

Based on current rates of decline, Macquarie researchers forecast that male primary teachers will disappear completely by 2067 unless policies are put in place that reverse the slide.

The refugee crisis and a Sydney lawyer's life-changing new project

In its work with asylum-seekers, Macquarie University’s Social Justice Clinic has proved life-changing for its students.

Toughen up! Resilience is the key to happiness

No-one can live a life without adversity, so it's important to learn how to bounce back when things don't go our way in sport, at work or in our personal lives, research shows.

The Environment

From sea monsters to BFFs: the amazing mateship of sharks

Sharks loom large and menacingly in the Australian imagination but new research shows that, just like humans, sharks have friends.

Cities need more rooftop gardens to balance urban sprawl

Green places are vital for improving our health and creating a sense of community. So how do we balance development with green space?

Coral diversity thrives through a game of rock paper scissors

New research reveals how coral competes for space and light on the Great Barrier Reef – it's a battle of toxic barbs and poison tentacles.

The Economy

Retirement village contracts are 'cunningly disguised' insurance deals

A new retirement village calculator developed by business analysts is designed to protect seniors from making devastating financial mistakes.

Department stores will die by 2050

They have been part of the fabric of Australian life, but department stores are headed for extinction, says retail history lecturer, Dr Matthew Bailey.

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