Moon landing on 20 July 1969
How the moon landing changed the world
Bangarra celebrates 30 years of dance
Review: Bangarra's 30 groundbreaking years of dance
The Palazzo Pitti in Florence
The man behind the Tuscan splendour tourists come to see
How the moon landing changed the world

On the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s ‘small step’, four Macquarie University academics reflect on how giant a leap it has turned out to be for humankind.

Time for renters to share in solar energy savings

More Australian households, including renters, could be paying less for their power and helping reduce carbon emissions by using solar energy.

Review: Opera Australia's Anna Bolena

Soprano Ermonela Jaho fires the imagination as one of history's most famous queens, writes English literature specialist, Senior Lecturer Dr Stephanie Russo.

Flexible work can cause even more pressure on working parents

Flexible work – such as working from home during school holidays - can sometimes be more of a curse than a blessing for employees, with current research suggesting it can add stress for working parents.

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Health and Medicine

Is there such a thing as too much exercise?

Dr Kathryn Mills, Lecturer in Physiotherapy in Macquarie University’s Department of Health Professions, explains.

Hope for brain tumour patients thanks to world-first research

Macquarie University scientists are part of a promising international research project which has developed a better way to treat certain kinds of fatal brain tumours.

Anxious wait cut to 48 hours at new, one-stop breast cancer clinic

The new MQ Health Integrated Breast Health Clinic will streamline diagnosis and give patients access to the latest breast cancer treatments which now leave women with minimal scars, most of their hair and able to live normally during their care.

Do mobile phones affect your sleep?

Dr Wayne Warburton, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology explains.

Science and Technology

Diamonds, volcanoes and a rock star: what a new map of the Earth's interior will reveal

We know surprisingly little about the ground beneath our feet. Now a Macquarie University geologist has created a new way of mapping the Earth’s interior that could find diamonds, as well as predict earthquakes and volcanic eruption risk around the globe.

New antenna system enables 24/7 connectivity to space

Engineers from Macquarie University have developed a new antenna system which will enable scientific data to be downloaded from spacecrafts to earth 24 hours a day.

Arts and Society

Dreams come true as bush university bridges the gap

A second wave of students has signed up for Arnhem Land's first community-led bush university.

Right of resistance: the Hong Kong protests explained

With protests over an unpopular extradition bill continuing this week, Amy Barrow from the Macquarie Law School explains the chain of events leading to the latest eruption of the fight for civil liberties and democracy in Hong Kong.

Podcast: Security expert on training 21st century cyber soldiers

The cost of cyber crime globally is projected to reach US$2 trillion this year, and a massive shortfall in Australian cyber security workers could leave us vulnerable to attack. Here's how Macquarie University is helping build Australia’s next generation line of defence.

How to make the world love musicals, one hater at a time

Fans of musicals, take note: you can convert the naysayers miserables in your life so they’re singing along as loudly as you, says Macquarie University researcher Dr John Severn.

The Economy

Would you switch detergents to avoid eco apocalypse?

Fear of being seen as self-righteous bores is among the many reasons that environmentally conscious Australians don't buy green products.

How finding the fine print could slash your grocery bills

Supermarkets are legally required to provide unit prices for their products, but they aren’t obliged to make them easy for consumers to see. Now a new study has found Australian shoppers - even bargain hunters - pay little attention to unit price anyway.

Show me the ethics! Millennials choose ethical jobs over high salaries

Nearly one in five business school students are willing to sacrifice more than 40 per cent of their salary to work for a responsible employer, according to a major survey.

Keep it local to help break third world poverty cycle

New research from Macquarie Business School will provide a road map for governments and manufacturers in developing countries to help end entrenched economic disadvantage.

The Environment

Insect hotels and why you should build one

A warning has been sounded that insects could disappear within a century. But Macquarie University entomologist Matthew Bulbert says we can all do something to help save them.

Bush remedies leading to advances in modern medicine

The potential of Indigenous bush remedies to lead to advances in conventional medicine is being explored in a unique partnership between Macquarie University and the Yaegl people of northern NSW.

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