Six cast
Review: SIX, a pop musical about the wives of King Henry VIII
Fastest star's incredible escape from the galaxy's black heart
Woman gardening
Digging up the dirt: are your home-grown vegies safe to eat?
Australia in ‘uncharted territory’ with long-term health impacts of air pollution

One of Australia’s leading lung cancer specialists says we could see a potential spike in lung cancer in coming decades, particularly if poor air quality persists.

Please explain: how to use a defibrillator in an emergency

You don't need training to use a defibrillator to help save a life - but here's what you do need to know if someone near you has a heart attack.

Sport sponsorship - is it worth the money?

How much should big brands pay to sponsor Roger, Serena or Manchester United? New research from Macquarie Business School looks at why fans buy the merch and estimates what the cost should be for sponsors.

Eco-anxiety climbs as fires, smoke and animal deaths trigger fear and trauma

The mental health fall-out is real among Australians as fires continue their path across Australia and our cities are shrouded in smoke. Two Macquarie psychologists have these tips to help people cope with a growing new form of anxiety.

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Health and Medicine

Non-smokers and teens take up vaping: study blames ads

New research shows that non-smokers and teens are taking up vaping thanks to advertising and social media ‘influencers’.

Just how dangerous is bushfire smoke to your health?

As a thick haze continues to cover New South Wales' east coast and air quality reaches 11 times the 'hazardous' level, Professor Mark Patrick Taylor and Dr Cynthia Faye Isley, from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, explain the main risks.

What will the average life expectancy be in 100 years?

Alexandra Bhatti, Associate Lecturer in Public Health in the Department of Health Systems and Populations, explains.

'I had literally lost all hope': How surgeons are transforming lives through low-cost operations

A group of altruistic surgeons in Australia, led by Macquarie University Professor Anand Deva, is performing life-changing surgery at greatly reduced out-of-pocket cost for people who have private health insurance.

Science and Technology

Would you like fries with your lab-grown burger?
The race is on to develop alternatives to meat, so what will the beef burger of the future be made of? Macquarie University Associate Professor Andrew McGregor's new research explains the possibilities.
Will there ever be a supercomputer that can think like HAL?

Dr Matthew Crossley and Dr David Kaplan, researchers in the Department of Cognitive Science at Macquarie University, explain.

Designer bacteria could fuel the future with cheap hydrogen

Macquarie synthetic biologists have made a breakthrough in renewable energy production by creating genetically-engineered sugar-loving bacteria that can produce on-demand, zero-emission hydrogen fuel faster than has been done anywhere else.

Bid to beat tech giants in developing digital scribe for doctors

Macquarie University researchers developing an artificial intelligence that transcribes and summarises consultations between doctors and patients are eager for more data.

Arts and Society

AI-generated art: who owns the copyright?

With Artificial Intelligence now generating original poetry, novels and art, Macquarie University's Dr Rita Matulionyte says the law is lagging behind on issues of copyright ownership.

Review: SIX, a pop musical about the wives of King Henry VIII

The latest reimagining of the six wives of King Henry the VIII, playing at the Sydney Opera House until March 5, is one for the #MeToo era, writes Macquarie University Senior Lecturer in English, Dr Stephanie Russo.

How museums can hook children for a lifetime of learning

Macquarie University researchers attached GoPros to young children and watched them play in different museums – what they found will help shape a new way of designing family-friendly exhibits at two of Sydney's most popular venues.

Mystery of stolen Egyptian artefact cracked by hieroglyphs

The director of Macquarie University's Museum of Ancient Cultures has been praised by Egyptian authorities for returning the fragment dating back to 380 BC which was stolen from Egypt 25 years ago.

Business and The Economy

The importance of whistleblowers in the war on white-collar crime

Most corporate wrongdoing would go undetected were it not for suspicious co-workers raising the alarm. But why do so many turn a blind eye?

There's more to musical collaborations than money: study

As revenues from music sales continue to dwindle, there is a growing tendency for artists to collaborate to boost online streams and broaden their fan base – but it’s not always just a shameless cash grab.

Citizensourcing our way to Utopia

What if the average citizen could not only easily volunteer ideas to governments but have those ideas seriously considered and, on occasion, implemented? Could 'citizensourcing' be the answer to voter disenchantment?

The customer is NOT always right

Most employers expect staff to grin and bear it when customers are rude. They might take a different approach if they understood the impact it can have on their business.

The Environment

Digging up the dirt: are your home-grown vegies safe to eat?

The level of heavy-metal contamination in Australian gardens is being exposed by a Macquarie University program which is testing thousands of soil samples sent in by concerned citizens.

Can we predict when a volcano will erupt?

This week’s tragedy in New Zealand highlights the difficulties faced by scientists in forecasting volcanic eruptions. Dr Christina Magill, from Macquarie University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, explains.

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