Please explain: can we control our dreams?
UV-detecting 'Sunwatch' set to help save lives
One-third of backyard soil unsafe to grow vegies

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Who do you trust? New app to make online shopping safer

A new app to improve data transparency in online marketplaces and reduce cyber fraud has been developed by Macquarie Business School.

Social psychologist Hugh Mackay on kindness

Hugh Mackay has been studying the human condition for over 60 years.  In his new book, The Kindness Revolution, he explores how the tendency of Australians to be compassionate in catastrophic times like bushfires - and now the pandemic - might become a more permanent feature of our daily lives.

In a crisis, it's the simple things that can boost your mental health

While the pandemic has triggered low moods, this is not always the same as mental illness – in crisis situations it’s important to distinguish between the two, says Macquarie University Professor of Psychology Nick Titov.

Blood biomarkers show presence of Alzheimer's years before symptoms

Researchers have found blood biomarkers that can show the early presence of Alzheimer’s disease more than a decade before symptoms start to emerge, in a world-first study

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Health and Medicine

Smart new PPE app helps health staff protect themselves

Macquarie University surgeon Professor Michael Wilson is the co-creator of a video coaching app that helps protect healthcare workers from the risks of PPE breaches.

The unshakeable beliefs that could be fuelling COVID-19

Many Australians believe symptoms such as fever, aches and chills do not make them contagious – pointing to a chink in our pandemic-fighting armour, says Macquarie University anthropologist  Associate Professor Lisa Wynn.

Over 60s cope better in lockdown, research finds

Life experience is part of the reason that older people are handling lockdown with better mental and emotional wellbeing than their younger counterparts, according to Macquarie University psychologists.

Psychedelic microdosing study to reveal what really happens in brains

Can a tiny regular dose of ‘magic mushrooms’ boost your creativity, clarify your thinking and make you more productive? Macquarie University researchers are set to find out in a revolutionary new study.

Please Explain

Please explain: What lies behind the cryptocurrency mania?

Cryptocurrencies are both widely disparaged by old people and enthusiastically invested in by younger people. Behavioural economist Professor Maroš Servátka looks at what is going on.

Please explain: What's behind people's obsession with their pets?

Some people are obsessed with their pets, they sleep with them in the bed, spend thousands on them and won't travel without them, while others feel nothing when it comes to animals. Where does this difference in connection come from? Macquarie University philosopher Dr Jane Johnson explains.

Science and Technology

Saving the bees: $300,000 grant for early warning system in hives

In a two-year pilot program, Macquarie University scientists will test whether high-precision electronic sensors can monitor hive temperatures and alert beekeepers when precious colonies are in danger.

Starbugs to boldly go further into astronomy's final frontiers

Small robots called Starbugs designed for large land-based survey telescopes by Macquarie University’s Astronomical Optics team, will give astronomers unprecedented access to galaxies that existed long ago – and far, far away.

Attack of the self-driving cars

Malware attacks on the control systems of self-driving cars could have disastrous outcomes, but new research from Macquarie University shows how car makers can detect and prevent them.

Hackers could bring down our cities – here's how we stop them

Cyber security experts defend our vital infrastructure against a constant stream of cyber attacks such as May's Colonial Pipeline shutdown in the US – and a new ‘smart city’ model developed at Macquarie University is helping in their quest.

Arts and Society

Eight tips for helping with learning in lockdown

Parents should see themselves as ‘lockdown learning supervisors’, not their child’s teacher, says Education Professor Garry Falloon, who has some pointers to help parents cope until kids get back to school.

New book captures the magic when under-5s meet art

Long before children start school, they are revealing themselves as savvy cultural citizens who can show grown-ups a thing or two about enjoying art, a new book co-authored by Macquarie University researchers reveals.

Who is Douglas Grant? New film reveals hidden Australian hero

The Skin of Others by Macquarie University documentary-maker Tom Murray began as a film about a brave and pioneering Aboriginal man, but evolved over nearly 10 years into much more besides.

Lockdown binge: the best Victorian-era TV shows to watch right now

Why is it that in the 21st century, we love to reimagine 19th-century Victorians? Dr Kirstin Mills, a specialist in gothic literature, explores our fixation on a fascinating era.

Business and The Economy

Righteous spending pays dividends for companies

Socially responsible investments not only enhance a firm’s reputation, they can actually make money, according to Macquarie Business School research.

Inside the Australia-UK trade deal: who benefits most?

Australian farmers look like winners, as do British car makers, but distance will prove a drawback. Dr Prashan Karunaratne analyses some implications of the proposed UK-Australia free trade agreement.

Why you should be excited about Open Banking

Open Banking is about to do to the ‘Big Four’ banks what Afterpay did to the credit card companies. That’s good news for long-suffering customers, say researchers from Macquarie Business School.

Housing fever: New website takes temperature of runaway market

As real estate prices soar across Australia, a new website co-developed by Macquarie University Professor Shuping Shi reveals whether - and how much - of the housing demand is being driven by panic buying and speculation.

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