Kindness during chaos keeps us in control
Woman working with laptop by the pool
Home work: how to make it successful for managers and staff
How low can interest rates go?
Coronavirus contact-tracing app raises privacy concerns

A mobile contact-tracing app is a potential lifesaver, but even in desperate times privacy is an issue. Hassan Asghar and Dali Kaafar, from Macquarie University’s Cybersecurity Hub, suggest some quick solutions.

The new normal: the skills you need to stay emotionally strong

Macquarie University’s MindSpot clinic has been inundated with thousands of Australians seeking to manage their anxiety right now. As we settle into our 'new normal', Professor Nick Titov recommends these daily activities to help build resilience.

Fighting words: how war metaphors can trigger racism

History reveals the dangers of adopting war metaphors during the coronavirus crisis, writes Professor Lucy Taksa of the Macquarie Business School.

Retool and reboot: How to keep afloat during times of economic crisis

As the economy grinds to a halt and Australian businesses are being called upon to retool, Macquarie Business School's Dr Troy Sarina says displaced workers can also look at opportunities to reboot and reskill.

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Health and Medicine

When a system breaks: research lays out urgency for more ICU beds

A lack of intensive care beds in hospitals could prove deadlier than the coronavirus itself, new Macquarie research shows.

How to talk to your children about coronavirus: top 10 questions answered

Don't be afraid to talk to your kids about the pandemic. They need to hear from you. Professor Jennie Hudson, Director of Macquarie University's Centre for Emotional Health, has advice that will help.

Five things you can do to protect your hearing at any age

Hearing loss accumulates over our lifespan – so the sooner you act to protect your hearing, the longer you will be able to hear well.

How Sydney has coped with pandemics in the past

The history of pandemics can tell us a lot about the origins of Covid-19 and what deadly pandemics we might expect unless living standards improve in the world's most populous areas, writes David Baker, Lecturer in the Department of Modern History.

Science and Technology

'Bees with backpacks' study crucial in fight to protect fresh food supply

Australia’s Honey Bee population has taken a blow over the past 12 months with drought and fires resulting in a 70 per-cent drop in honey production - but Macquarie researchers hope their innovative new project will help solve the crisis.

Digging up the dirt: are your home-grown vegies safe to eat?

The level of heavy-metal contamination in Australian gardens is being exposed by a Macquarie University program which is testing thousands of soil samples sent in by concerned citizens.

New starlight collector detects earth-sized planets outside our solar system

For the first time we will be able to see the light from unimaginably distant stars thanks to a breakthrough astronomical instrument designed by Macquarie astrophysicist Christian Schwab.

How soon will all Australians be driving electric cars?

Following the UK’s announcement that it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035, Professor Graham Town nominates the year Australians will make the switch to all-electric vehicles.

Arts and Society

Rare figurines uncovered at lost biblical city

A  rare figurine of the Canaanite god Baal and a bronze calf statue are among the fascinating finds which Macquarie University archaeologists have uncovered in Israel.

Your at-home crash course in English literature

English Professor Louise D’Arcens recommends 10 absorbing tales to thoroughly entertain and stretch the brain muscle, too, during our time in coronavirus lockdown.

COVID-19 crisis doesn't have to be a 'war'

Thanks to humanity's love of war, reflected in our language, millions of displaced people face the pandemic with little basic healthcare or housing, writes Macquarie University linguist Annabelle Lukin.

No school: coping strategies for house-bound families

School closures can increase anxiety and isolation for parents and children. Macquarie University clinical psychologist Dr Gemma Sicouri provides some advice on how to cope.

Business and The Economy

House-bound shoppers trigger new online retail frenzy

A new shopping frenzy is taking hold as consumers rush to buy a host of products to maintain their lifestyle at home. Business analyst Dr Prashan Karunaratne explains the new phenomenon called 'The Great Substitution Effect of 2020'.

Oil price crash casts dark shadow on manufacturing

As big business faces serious economic headwinds, a price war and COVID-19 have put the oil industry on the skids.

How low can they go? Is there an end to plummeting interest rates?

In the light of unprecedented interest rate cuts, Dr Ben Wang from the Macquarie Business School looks at the long-term implications for the Australian economy.

Panic buying or being prepared? The great supermarket rush

As people rush to fill their shopping trolleys, Macquarie Business School’s Dr Prashan Karunaratne examines the pressure on supply chains.

The Environment

Eco-anxiety climbs as fires, smoke and animal deaths trigger fear and trauma

The mental health fall-out is real among Australians as fires continue their path across Australia and our cities are shrouded in smoke. Two Macquarie psychologists have these tips to help people cope with a growing new form of anxiety.

Can we predict when a volcano will erupt?

The recent tragedy in New Zealand highlights the difficulties faced by scientists in forecasting volcanic eruptions. Dr Christina Magill, from Macquarie University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, explains.

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