Video: rising whale numbers a bonus for Sydney citizen scientists
The shift to thrift: how COVID-19 is changing how we spend
Seven positive outcomes of COVID-19
New hope as dementia therapy reverses memory loss

Two brothers researching dementia at Macquarie University have made a world-first discovery in the race to treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease.

How children break their bones: a decade of data

Fractures are the most common reason children in Australia are hospitalised for injury each year – and sport is the single biggest cause.

Smart UV sensor a world first to alert users to over-exposure

Researchers at Macquarie University's Nanotechnology Laboratory have made a tiny wearable device that could help millions avoid skin cancer.

The new taboos: how COVID-19 is changing our social world

During the COVID-19 crisis, many taboos are being challenged – but new ones are also taking shape, says Dr Sabine Krajewski, Senior Lecturer in International Communication at Macquarie University.

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Health and Medicine

Study probes 'parallel health crises' in Victoria

Are Australians neglecting their health during the COVID-19 pandemic? Researchers at Macquarie University may soon have some answers.

World-first lung repair shows promise

WORLD FIRST: A new lung repair operation pioneered at Macquarie University Hospital is dramatically improving the quality of life of patients with chronic lung disease.

Lawyers and doctors work together in new clinic to support vulnerable decision-makers

Macquarie University’s new Capacity and Capability clinic helps people with early-stage dementia -  and other cognitive challenges - make sound decisions about their welfare including their financial and legal affairs.

Please explain: how vaccines work

Billions of dollars and countless hours are being devoted to developing a vaccine for COVID-19. Infectious diseases epidemiologist Professor Janaki Amin explains how vaccines work and what might lie ahead in the search for a solution to the pandemic.

Please Explain

Please explain: why are we sending missions to Mars?

Associate Professor Craig O’Neill, from Macquarie University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, explains.

Please explain: What is cabin fever?

What are the impacts of being stuck in a confined space for weeks on end? Macquarie Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist Dr Carly Johnco explains.

Business and The Economy

What is Modern Monetary Theory – and could it save the economy?

In this time of crisis, Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) challenges many of the traditional principles of economics. Hamid Yahyaei, from the Macquarie Business School Department of Applied Finance, explains.

The innovations keeping small business alive

Australia’s small business sector has had to diversify, digitalise and discover new tactics in order to stay afloat amid the pandemic, Macquarie Business School's Dr Meena Chavan explains.

It's official: tough economic times ahead

While the government has gone some way to address the economic hardship facing Australians, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis will only make existing problems even worse. Associate Professor Ben Spies-Butcher from the Department of Sociology explains.

Property peril: true state of the real estate market kept under wraps

Australians are not receiving the complete picture when it comes to the rapid decline of property prices amid coronavirus, a recession and rising unemployment. Stefan Trueck, Professor of Business Analytics at the Macquarie Business School, explains.

Arts and Society

Uni teams up with council to launch anti-racism campaign

In response to new research results, a campaign aimed at stamping out incidents of casual and verbal racism will launch in Sydney's municipality of Ryde, where international students make up more than 10 per cent of the population.

Why the timing could not be worse as newspapers close across Australia

Communities around the nation enter a new era without a local newspaper at a time when the bush faces issues that affect us all, says Macquarie University Senior Lecturer in Media Dr Willa McDonald.

Please explain: What's behind the brawl over our borders?

As Australia's premiers skirmish over the reopening of state borders, Dr Andrew Burridge, a Lecturer in Macquarie University's Department of Geography and Planning, explains why we have these borders in the first place – and why they make us fight.

Sexual harassment an issue beyond the legal industry

The allegations of sexual harassment against Dyson Heydon have put the spotlight on the power imbalance in male-dominated professions, explains Dr Raymond Trau from the Macquarie Business School.

Science and Technology

Rising whale numbers a bonus for Sydney citizen scientists

One of Australia’s longest running volunteer science projects is a whale count that has uncovered a remarkable good news story about humpbacks.

Please explain: why are we sending missions to Mars?

Associate Professor Craig O’Neill, from Macquarie University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, explains.

Invisible monsters: why infectious diseases are so hard to conquer

Globally, infectious disease is the leading cause of child and adolescent mortality and one of the leading causes of adult deaths. One of the biggest contributing factors is air travel, explains anthropologist Associate Professor Lisa Wynn.

Why can you see the sun and the moon at the same time?

Professor Orsola De Marco, from Macquarie University's Department of Physics and Astronomy, explains.

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