New help for teachers tackling anxiety in the classroom
Physio tips to fix home office aches and pains
Please explain: how do vaccines work?
Drinking while breastfeeding can affect children's academic results, new study

Research by Macquarie University has found drinking alcohol while breastfeeding is linked to poorer NAPLAN results in primary school.

The radical 1970s and the Royal Commission Australia forgot

The personal became the political in the 1970s and Australia was transformed, writes Macquarie University Professor Michelle Arrow, whose book about the decade has won the 2020 Ernest Scott Prize for History.

Free credit, and not from a bank. What's not to love?

In the era of digital disruption and COVID-19, new online operators have received a shot in the arm and are revolutionising the way we access credit.

The shift to thrift

Economists and politicians are warning that Australian society is entering a time of austerity after a long and prosperous age of consumption – but what exactly does this look like?

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Health and Medicine

Talking the talk: new games help kids learn to speak

Some fun language games from Macquarie University experts designed for families to play at home, will also explain some interesting science around how we use language.

The lethal blind spot in our COVID-19 response

Contaminated surfaces are an overlooked front in our battle against coronavirus. We need to act now, writes Professor Anand Deva, co-chair of the Surgical Infection Research Group at Macquarie University.

Please explain: how vaccines work

Billions of dollars and countless hours are being devoted to developing a vaccine for COVID-19. Infectious diseases epidemiologist Professor Janaki Amin explains how vaccines work and what might lie ahead in the search for a solution to the pandemic.

Why lockdown won't do: lessons from the Diamond Princess

We still don't understand mass diseases or how to respond to them, as the COVID-19 pandemic starkly illustrates, writes Dr David Baker of Macquarie University's Department of Modern History.

Business and The Economy

Don't panic but move fast to save the family firm

Reacting with entrepreneurial flair to the financial crisis forced upon firms by the COVID-19 lockdown could mean the difference between survival and extinction, according to Macquarie Business School’s Professor Francesco Chirico.

Jobs crisis: when will Australians work again?

The upheaval in the labour market due to COVID-19 has highlighted the structural differences that exist among the unemployed in today’s society, explain Macquarie Business School researchers Dr Lurion De Mello and Dr Prashan Karunaratne.

Please explain: what is high-frequency trading?

Professor Maroš Servátka, Director of Macquarie Business School Experimental Economics Laboratory, explains the role of high-frequency trading in the current financial market upheaval.

A new way of life: the great substitution effect of 2020

Our daily routines have had to adapt and change due to COVID-19, marking one of the most significant structural shifts in Australian life.

Arts and Society

Why research ethics should be taught as part of the HSC

Many senior secondary students now conduct original research as part of their curriculum – and Dr Natasha Todorov says they need formal research ethics training to make sure no harm is done to their human subjects.

The power of learning IRL: how hand gestures help kids – and adults – understand

Online education has done its job during the COVID-19 crisis, but Macquarie University research reveals how it can never match real-life learning.

Seven positive outcomes of COVID-19

From recovering ecosystems to new ways of learning, there are silver linings to the global pandemic, writes Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal of Macquarie Business School.

How are school kids coping with COVID-19?

A free national website has launched to help teachers and parents help reduce child anxiety and depression during the pandemic.

Science and Technology

Invisible monsters: why infectious diseases are so hard to conquer

Globally, infectious disease is the leading cause of child and adolescent mortality and one of the leading causes of adult deaths. One of the biggest contributing factors is air travel, explains anthropologist Associate Professor Lisa Wynn.

Digging up the dirt: are your home-grown vegies safe to eat?

The level of heavy-metal contamination in Australian gardens is being exposed by a Macquarie University program which is testing thousands of soil samples sent in by concerned citizens.

New starlight collector detects earth-sized planets outside our solar system

For the first time we will be able to see the light from unimaginably distant stars thanks to a breakthrough astronomical instrument designed by Macquarie astrophysicist Christian Schwab.

How soon will all Australians be driving electric cars?

Following the UK’s announcement that it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars from 2035, Professor Graham Town nominates the year Australians will make the switch to all-electric vehicles.

The Environment

Please explain: what is the point of mosquitoes?

Cases of Ross River fever have risen sharply in NSW and Queensland, due to an autumn explosion in mosquito numbers.  Entomologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Biology at Macquarie University, Dr Matthew Bulbert, explains why these detested insects exist at all.

Can we predict when a volcano will erupt?

The recent tragedy in New Zealand highlights the difficulties faced by scientists in forecasting volcanic eruptions. Dr Christina Magill, from Macquarie University's Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, explains.

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