Volunteering makes you happy: study
Assassin's Creed, Cleopatra
Assassin's Creed triggers Egyptian hieroglyphics decoder
Psychology researcher Dr Carol Newall and daughter Ava. She found boys are taught physics differently to girls.
Boys are taught science differently to girls: new research
Why co-ops could be the solution to corporate corruption

Co-ops were a popular business model in previous centuries and they are slowly making a comeback as their community focus appeals to a disgruntled public.

Coffee waste to coffee cups? The ultimate recycle

A Macquarie researcher believes he's found a way to make the national take-away coffee habit more environmentally friendly.

Unearthing museum fakes is critical for setting the historical record straight

Analysing fake artefacts helps historians to understand the motivations and environments that give rise to forgeries.

Future teachers learning valuable lessons from India teaching experience

Ten students spent a month in India gaining practical teaching experience in one of the first programs of its kind offered by an Australian university.

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Health and Medicine

New breast health clinic the first of its kind in Australia

A new breast health clinic at Macquarie University Hospital is revolutionising the way women can access specialist treatment.

Digital mental health service reaches over 80,000 Australians

More than 80,000 people around Australia have accessed anxiety and depression assessment services since 2013 through Macquarie’s revolutionary digital mental health portal, the MindSpot Clinic, which is fully funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

Mysteries of dyslexia unravelled

Scores of children are being helped to overcome literacy problems at a Macquarie clinic that puts into practice the university’s world-leading research into reading.

World-first fish oil + testosterone Alzheimer's trial begins

Macquarie University Hospital is the Sydney hub for a multi-site trial looking at the effects of testosterone supplements on reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Science and Technology

Is Facebook listening to our conversations?

Professor Dali Kaafar, Scientific Director, Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub and Leader of Data61 Information Security and Privacy Group, explains.

Sulawesi's earthquake and tsunami provide key insights into catastrophe response

Disaster researchers, who are keeping a close watch on the situation in Indonesia, highlight the gaps Australia has in its ability to handle a catastrophic event here.

Arts and Society

VIDEO: The drone discovery that has Sydney talking

Macquarie University photographer and drone operator Joanne Stephan tells the story behind uncovering a WWII tunnel in a cliff face beneath the Macquarie Lighthouse at Sydney's South Head.

Meet Elias, trilingual at 3

The benefits of language education are vast, and yet in our multicultural society, we're lagging behind.

Review: Rome City+Empire at the National Museum of Australia

The Romans are here! Professor of Ancient History Ray Laurence unearths his top five historical treasures on display at the National Museum of Australia's new exhibition in Canberra.

How to tell if you R OK?

When does the stress of normal life or sadness cross the line into something more serious and how do you know when to get professional help?

The Environment

Sydney's biggest green roof welcomes researchers and community gardeners

Through a partnership with Macquarie, a 1920s coal depot has been transformed into a community garden, science lab and outdoor classroom, with more plans afoot.

How minerals will help shift Australia to renewable energy

Macquarie researchers are building a model of the lithosphere beneath the Australian continent to find the critical minerals and metals we need to shift to renewable energy and to drive technology like smartphones and computers.

Wetsuits that hide humans from sharks

A discovery about the eyesight of sharks has led to a real-life application that could save lives.

The Economy

Why co-ops could be the solution to corporate corruption

Co-ops were a popular business model in previous centuries and they are slowly making a comeback as their community focus appeals to a disgruntled public.

Why you should take a guilt-free mental health day

Days off work are essential both for performing well and protecting yourself from exhaustion and work-related stress, says psychologist Dr Monique Crane.

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