Australian flag
Who are Australians in 2019?
Movie review: Mary Queen of Scots
Positive hotel reviews have more clout than the complainers
Drownings up: Foreign visitors can’t spot the risks at beaches and rivers, study finds

Visitors to Australia are at more risk of drowning than locals are – and new research from Macquarie confirms that people born overseas often don’t spot the many hazards around Australia’s waterways.

Why do petrol prices fluctuate so much?

Dr Lurion De Mello, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Applied Finance, explains.

You have a better chance of being a CEO in Australia if you were born in USA, UK or Canada

A study of census data shows the Australian-born are less likely to reach the top of companies than people born overseas.

Trump addresses the nation: the border 'emergency' explained

Dr Lloyd Cox, who teaches United States politics in the Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, clarifies the events leading up to what is set to become the longest government shutdown in US history.

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Health and Medicine

National screening program will test Aussie kids for hearing loss

Macquarie research has confirmed the wide-reaching benefits of discovering hearing issues as early as possible.

New breast health clinic the first of its kind in Australia

A new breast health clinic at Macquarie University Hospital is revolutionising the way women can access specialist treatment.

World-first fish oil + testosterone Alzheimer's trial begins

Macquarie University Hospital is the Sydney hub for a multi-site trial looking at the effects of testosterone supplements on reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Digital mental health service reaches more than 80,000 Australians

Macquarie's revolutionary online service is finding ways to help tens of thousands of people who have anxiety and depression to manage their symptoms.

Science and Technology

Car parks could be used as power plants in electric car future

A little known benefit of electric vehicles is highlighted by new research showing that en masse, they could be used like a huge battery connected to the grid.

Girls and boys are taught science differently, new study finds

A new research paper reveals why we need to address gender stereotypes before more women will win the Nobel Prize for Physics.

Arts and Society

Review: Mary Queen of Scots
Here is a gorgeous-looking, highly enjoyable costume drama with one particular scene worth the price of admission alone, writes Stephanie Russo, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English.
Here's why Trump makes teaching politics great again

As the current US Government shutdown enters its third week, it’s not just the media who need to keep up with the continuing controversy coming out of the White House.

Why do we swear?

Dr Nick Wilson, lecturer in the Department of Linguistics explains.

Unearthing museum fakes is critical for setting the historical record straight

Analysing fake artefacts helps historians to understand the motivations and environments that give rise to forgeries.

The Environment

Cracking the mysteries of a summer lunch favourite

Macquarie scientists helped save oyster farming in NSW, ensuring the survival of an Australian festive food staple. Now, they have turned their attention to returning oysters to the wild.

Sydney's biggest green roof welcomes researchers and community gardeners

Through a partnership with Macquarie, a 1920s coal depot has been transformed into a community garden, science lab and outdoor classroom, with more plans afoot.

Bright idea: Lights under boards may hide surfers from sharks

The quest to understand how sharks perceive their world has led Macquarie researchers to develop a surfboard with lights that could save the lives of surfers and divers.

The Economy

You have a better chance of being a CEO in Australia if you were born in USA, UK or Canada

A study of census data shows the Australian-born are less likely to reach the top of companies than people born overseas.

Never mind fake news, what about fake CVs?

A digital backpack is under development to help tackle the widespread problem of job-seekers lying on their resumes.

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