For golf pros, cool heads beat hot hands: new study
An astronomy lover's guide to the skies in 2021
New hope as Alzheimer's theory thrown overboard

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Was activist Bill Onus our first Aboriginal film-maker?

A documentary co-written and directed by Macquarie University Indigenous film specialist Dr Alec Morgan sheds new light on an unsung hero of Australia’s black rights movement. It premieres on August 10 at the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Virtuous dobbing: why reporting pandemic rule-breakers is a social good

Australians have abandoned their reluctance to ‘dob’ on rule-breakers during the pandemic, as state police hotlines field thousands of calls – showing that public good outweighs private reticence, says Macquarie University Associate Professor of Philosophy Mark Alfano.

United by anger: Why Japanese people are against the Tokyo Olympics

As a pandemic-exhausted world celebrates the delayed 2020 Games, some Japanese citizens remain adamantly opposed. Macquarie University Japan specialist Dr Thomas Baudinette explains what’s behind their protests.

Why you should be excited about Open Banking

Open Banking is about to do to the ‘Big Four’ banks what Afterpay did to the credit card companies. That’s good news for long-suffering customers, say researchers from Macquarie Business School.

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Health and Medicine

Psychedelic microdosing study to reveal what really happens in brains

Can a tiny regular dose of ‘magic mushrooms’ boost your creativity, clarify your thinking and make you more productive? Macquarie University researchers are set to find out in a revolutionary new study.

Stress-busting tips for HSC students facing lockdown learning

Postponed trials, remote teachers and home learning – Sydney’s locked-down HSC students are under pressure right now, but these ten research-backed strategies from Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health will help.

Group excursions boost happiness in older people: new study

Whether it's to ride a horse, take a hike or hop on a Harley, Macquarie University reveals the positive impacts for older people of getting out as part of a group.

As another lockdown bites, is complacency to blame?

Complacency could be the greatest threat to conquering COVID-19 in Australia – although the latest lockdown in Sydney may be shaking us out of it, says Macquarie University global health expert Dr Kevin McCracken.

Please Explain

Please explain: Why do we cry?

There is more to crying than simply expressing our emotions. Clinical psychologist Dr Philippe Gilchrist explains the reasons behind our tears, and why some of us are more prone to a good weep than others.

Please explain: Can we control our dreams?

Lucid dreaming is when you are aware you’re dreaming while actually in the dream. Associate Professor Simon Boag from Macquarie University’s Department of Psychology explains what it is and what might be the benefits.

Science and Technology

Starbugs to boldly go further into astronomy's final frontiers

Small robots called Starbugs designed for large land-based survey telescopes by Macquarie University’s Astronomical Optics team, will give astronomers unprecedented access to galaxies that existed long ago – and far, far away.

Attack of the self-driving cars

Malware attacks on the control systems of self-driving cars could have disastrous outcomes, but new research from Macquarie University shows how car makers can detect and prevent them.

New whale super groups gather for bubble-net buffets

New humpback whale group feeding behaviours seen along Australia's south-east coastline could be related to a recent whale baby-boom, according to new Macquarie University research.

Hackers could bring down our cities – here's how we stop them

Cyber security experts defend our vital infrastructure against a constant stream of cyber attacks such as May's Colonial Pipeline shutdown in the US – and a new ‘smart city’ model developed at Macquarie University is helping in their quest.

Arts and Society

Lockdown binge: the best Victorian-era TV shows to watch right now

Why is it that in the 21st century, we love to reimagine 19th-century Victorians? Dr Kirstin Mills, a specialist in gothic literature, explores our fixation on a fascinating era.

A literacy miracle: how the right school changed young Jayden's life

Jayden Diamond’s parents were despairing as their autistic son struggled in a mainstream school that couldn’t meet his needs. Then they heard about Macquarie University’s evidence-based, special school on campus.

Machines can't invent, says the law, but at what cost to progress?

With new court rulings that machines cannot be inventors, Macquarie Law School’s Dr Rita Matulionyte explores the implications for AI-driven innovation.

Parramatta heritage goes online in spectacular 3D

INTERACTIVE 3D IMAGING: A partnership between Macquarie University and Parramatta City Council is using cutting-edge digital techniques to showcase precious artefacts to a global audience.

Business and The Economy

Why you should be excited about Open Banking

Open Banking is about to do to the ‘Big Four’ banks what Afterpay did to the credit card companies. That’s good news for long-suffering customers, say researchers from Macquarie Business School.

Please explain: What lies behind the cryptocurrency mania?

Cryptocurrencies are both widely disparaged by old people and enthusiastically invested in by younger people. Behavioural economist Professor Maroš Servátka looks at what is going on.

Housing fever: New website takes temperature of runaway market

As real estate prices soar across Australia, a new website co-developed by Macquarie University Professor Shuping Shi reveals whether - and how much - of the housing demand is being driven by panic buying and speculation.

Bad behaviour at work: Whose responsibility is it?

The reliance on unconscious bias training as a remedy for workplace ills won't fix the widespread problem of discrimination, harassment and bullying, write Professors Lucy Taksa and Louise Thornthwaite of Macquarie University's Centre for Workforce Futures.

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