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A school-leaver's guide to life on campus
Please explain: Why is petrol so expensive?
Invention and discovery: how our researchers are making news

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Teal appeal: What the 2022 Word of the Year says about Aussie vernacular

Macquarie University linguist Annabelle Lukin analyses the winning words on the 2022 Macquarie Dictionary’s Word Of The Year shortlist.

World population milestone: the impact of 8 billion people explained

The human population will tick over to 8 billion on November 15. What does this mean for the environment, our cities, our health and our food supply? Six Macquarie University experts explain the impact of the milestone in their fields.

The scandal that rocked the Australian art world

A Macquarie historian’s book about the 1944 Archibald Prize scandal over William Dobell's winning portrait has been shortlisted for the Prime Minister's Literary Awards.

Innovator Dr Larry Marshall on blending science and business

Science entrepreneur and CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall talks about his time at Macquarie and his big plans for the future, connecting scientists with big business.

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Health and Medicine

Under-25s ready to embrace climate-conscious eating; survey

Young people want to eat more sustainably, but aren’t sure how to go about it, according to new research from Macquarie University.

New hope for early Alzheimer's alert, and a chance to change course

Healthy people over 65 with a high level of a certain marker in their blood are 35 times more likely to transition to mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s. Macquarie Medical School's Dr David Lovejoy explains the results of his team’s cutting-edge study.

The five keys to good mental health

Psychologists from Macquarie University’s mental health service, MindSpot, have identified five key types of behaviour that contribute to good mental health – and they think they could help people not only in Australia, but around the world.

Study aims to change narrative around menopause in workplace

As World Menopause Day approaches, a new study aims to shape policies that will change the way the workplace values and supports older women.

Please Explain

Please explain: Why do we scream?

Screaming activates the amygdala, a nucleus in the brain that helps heighten awareness. And, according to Macquarie University's Dr Philippe Gilchrist, it provides clues as to how people respond to danger and the environment.

Please explain: Is it possible to speed read?

Claims that it is possible to teach us to read at incredible speeds so we can improve our performance in study and at work are easy to find online. But is speed reading really possible?

Science and Technology

Leached chemicals from plastic pollution kill key marine microbes: study

Research has found the chemicals leaching from plastics can change the mix of microbial life in seawater, and harm the tiny life forms which are critical to oxygen production in our oceans.

Land clearing and climate change put half the world's wilderness areas at risk

A world-first study projects that climate change and land clearing will profoundly change half of the world’s remaining wilderness areas by 2050 unless governments act immediately to protect them.

Stingrays aren't silent - new underwater video leaves marine scientists amazed

Divers’ online videos have triggered a re-think of what we know about stingray communication – and left marine scientists wondering if there’s more undersea sounds we may not know about.

Light up your nightlife: Astronomy events still to come in 2022

If you loved Vivid, get ready to rug up again for some spectacular astronomical light shows in Sydney’s night sky for the remainder of the year – Macquarie University astronomer Professor Orsola De Marco guides us through upcoming events.

Arts and Society

Study to show how Dolly Parton project inspires Aussie kids to read

Impact analyst Claire Galea is leading the world's first global evaluation of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library including a research focus on children in the NSW town of Tamworth.

100-years: Why Tutankhamun's tomb remains one of the greatest archaeological discoveries

A century on, the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb remains one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. Dr Karin Sowada, director of Macquarie's Australian Centre for Egyptology, explains why it still fires our imagination.

The new pre-kindy: more play for kids, less angst for parents

The NSW Government plans to introduce a pre-kindergarten year and lift the school starting age to six. But Professor Sheila Degotardi from the Macquarie University School of Education says age is just one aspect of school readiness with many other factors at play.

Coercive control: How proposed new laws will work

How might recognising coercive control as a form of violence save lives? Dr Kate Gleeson, Associate Professor at Macquarie Law School, explains the proposed amendments to the NSW Crimes Act and the NSW Domestic Violence Act.

Business and The Economy

High noon on high petrol prices as excise relief ends

While higher petrol prices are looming on the horizon, the Federal Government should use this as an opportunity to review the entire fuel tax system, says Dr Lurion De Mello from the Macquarie Business School.

Fighting fires and climate deniers: Greg Mullins reflects on 50 years at the front line

Considered a world authority on bushfires, retired Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner Greg Mullins completed a Masters of Management at Macquarie and has dedicated his new book 'Firestorm' to his two grandsons. Here he reflects on half-a-century of fighting danger on many fronts, both natural and political.

Tricks used by phone scammers exposed in new study

New Macquarie University research into phone scams has identified the scripts and emotions that drive most calls.

What's stopping Australians from buying electric cars?

New research from Macquarie Business School suggests the low uptake of electric vehicles is about purchase price and the availability and cost of charging stations.

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