In Kamala's footsteps: a girls' guide to making it to the top
Seven positive outcomes of COVID-19
Can you really make friends with an octopus?
What happens in bee Vegas

Andrew Barron has taught bees to gamble. His computational model of bee brains could not only create robots that can think for themselves, but unlock the secrets of the human mind.

Budget blowouts and broken promises: how to avoid project failures

Cost overruns and delays are common on many major infrastructure projects. Research from Macquarie Business School looks at the high failure rate and what can be done to ensure future projects are on time and on budget.

Did frozen mud balls in space make life on Earth possible?

New Macquarie University research shows a type of asteroid dating back to the dawn of the solar system may contain liquid water, supporting the theory that Earth's water came from meteorites that fell billions of years ago.

In Kamala's footsteps: a girls' guide to crashing through the glass ceiling

VIDEO America's new Vice-President represents how high women can go, but also the obstacles they must overcome to get there, says Macquarie Business School Professor of Gender, Work and Organisation Alison Pullen.

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Health and Medicine

Telehealth is here to stay as patients phone their GPs in droves

New research shows almost one third of GP visits in NSW during 2020 were via telehealth – and doctors say their patients won’t go back to in-person only consultations.

New COVID-19 strategy: vaccinate potential superspreaders first

As the world pins its hopes on Pfizer's announcement this week of an effective vaccine, Macquarie University researchers have unveiled a strategy addressing the question of who should be vaccinated first.

MindSpot study shows digital mental health services are here to stay

Thousands of Australians have been successfully treated for anxiety and depression through Macquarie University's MindSpot Clinic, new research reveals, proving that digital delivery of mental health services works.

Testing everyone is key to limit COVID-19 deaths, study finds

As political leaders and health policy makers struggle to contain COVID-19, Macquarie University researchers have assessed the best approach to limit deaths from the pandemic.

Please Explain

Please explain: What is cabin fever?

What are the impacts of being stuck in a confined space for weeks on end? Macquarie Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist Dr Carly Johnco explains.

Why do mozzies bite some people and not others?

Dr Matthew Bulbert, entomologist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour in the Department of Biological Sciences, answers the age-old Aussie question.

Business and The Economy

Budget blowouts and broken promises: how to avoid project failures

Cost overruns and delays are common on many major infrastructure projects. Research from Macquarie Business School looks at the high failure rate and what can be done to ensure future projects are on time and on budget.

Against the odds, festive season shopping is set to break records

With Black Friday sales on this week, retail marketing specialist Associate Professor Jana Bowden explores how shopping has changed during COVID-19 – and why we’ll be spending more this Christmas.

Scam slam: how to keep identity thieves at bay

One in five Australians will have their identities compromised at some point. Much of this is achieved by mobile number porting but Macquarie Business School’s Antiport project aims to help reduce the public’s vulnerability to these fraudsters.

Job cuts in middle management risk losing key innovators

A knee-jerk reaction to reduce staff numbers could cost companies innovative progress and a competitive edge, research from Macquarie Business School has found.

Arts and Society

Breakdancing for equality – and now a spot at the Olympics

Australia's leading woman breakdancer and Macquarie University academic Dr Rachael Gunn is now a Paris 2024 hopeful after the announcement that 'breaking' will become an official Olympic sport.

How critical can you be in online reviews without being sued for defamation?

As summer hits, borders reopen and Australians start travelling again, Julian Dight, a legal academic at Macquarie Law School, explains to what extent you can vent your holiday frustrations.

Sámi reindeer herders find common ground on Darug Country: new film

They were a long way from home, but Scandinavia's Indigenous Sámi found many connections with Darug custodians of Western Sydney, as Macquarie University researchers explain.

Why we need more brazen hussies in Australia today

The new documentary Brazen Hussies chronicles the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and '70s and reminds us that 50 years later, the fight for women's rights is far from over, writes Macquarie University Professor in Modern History Michelle Arrow.

Science and Technology

Diamonds could be the key to future communication security

A new device that exploits quantum physics to generate guaranteed random keys could make our communications more secure.

New front opens in Australia’s fight to save the koalas

In the wake of Australia’s worst wildfire season on record, a Macquarie-led project is aiming to improve the treatment of fire-affected wildlife as the next season fast approaches.

Shark, grasshopper studies point to winners and losers of rising heat

A warming climate means resilience is the key to species’ survival. Two Macquarie researchers have been looking at what adapting to the heat will mean for two very different creatures.

Fruit fly breakthrough puts killer mozzies on notice

A new designer fruit fly paves the way for scientists to replace disease-carrying mosquitoes with harmless, genetically modified versions, says Macquarie University researcher Dr Maciej Maselko.

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