Please explain: Why is petrol so expensive?
Four crimes you didn't know you were committing
Invention and discovery: how our researchers are making news

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Please explain: Will a hung parliament cause 'chaos and instability'?

A minority federal government won’t necessarily weaken parliament, says Associate Professor Ian Tregenza of Macquarie’s School of Social Sciences.

Single sex v co-ed: which is better for kids' education?

As a growing number of boys' schools consider admitting girls, Macquarie School of Education Professor Garry Falloon explains what some of the latest research shows about single sex vs co-ed outcomes for kids.

Future city liveability to depend on which plant we put where

A new program developed by Macquarie University researchers will help us select plants to survive a harsher future climate, and improve the future liveability of our cities.

Tricks used by phone scammers exposed in new study

New Macquarie University research into phone scams has identified the scripts and emotions that drive most calls.

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Health and Medicine

Clinical trial to test psychedelics in treating depression

Could small doses of the active component in ‘magic’ mushrooms be an alternative to antidepressants? Dr Vince Polito from Macquarie University is preparing to find out.

How to kick those COVID kilos for good

One in three Australians say they have gained weight since the start of the pandemic. Experts from MQ Health’s Healthy Weight Clinic share their advice on the best way to lose it - permanently.

‘25 blows to the head’ - New hope for sport head trauma patients

VIDEO: A new biobank at Macquarie University will collect patient data on CTE, a form of dementia caused by repetitive brain injury, with the aim of diagnosing and ultimately preventing the devastating disease.

Miniature brains offer new directions in dementia research

VIDEO: The formidable husband and wife research team of Lars Ittner and Yazi Ke have discovered a way to make a thousand 'mini brains' at a time, inspiring hope of new discoveries about dementia.

Please Explain

Please explain: Why is petrol so expensive?

What goes into the pump price of fuel, and how do world events influence these prices? Dr Lurion De Mello from the Department of Applied Finance at Macquarie University explains.

Please explain: Why are we forced to vote?

Australia has one of the highest voter turnouts in the world. But should voting be compulsory? Associate Professor Ian Tregenza, who teaches Politics at Macquarie School of Social Sciences, examines tensions between individual freedoms and electoral mandates.

Science and Technology

New weed-fighting website helps gardeners make better choices

VIDEO: Over 70 per cent of invasive plant species escaped over the garden fence, but a new interactive website developed by researchers at Macquarie University will help gardeners and industry select plants that pose less risk to native ecosystems.

How to go with the flow: river framework restores health and hope

A river management framework developed at Macquarie University and now used on six continents has been recognised in the NSW Parliament’s 2022 Research Impact Showcase.

Climate warriors: 18 women who've made a difference

Climate champion Natalie Isaacs - who will present Macquarie University's 2022 International Women's Day address - is one of 18 inspiring women named by Distinguished Professor Lesley Hughes in her Walter and Eliza Hall Institute lecture, A Short History of Women Saving the Planet.

Future food and a new secret weapon

Rewinding an evolutionary process could herald high-yield, disease-resistant plant crops, Macquarie University scientists are proposing.

Arts and Society

New system uses AI to beat fake news

A new system using AI to create personalised link recommendations that divert users away from fake news, will be presented to thousands of researchers at a prestigious international computing event The Web Conference in France, this week.

Ground-breaking family law firm bridges affordability gap

A pioneering law firm based at Macquarie University aims to soothe the sting of family breakdown for those not eligible for Legal Aid, yet still unable to easily afford commercial fees.

Exhibition spotlights 206 years that changed the world forever

A new 'world class' Musuem of History has opened to the public in the Macquarie University Arts Precinct, where treasures spanning millennia and a feature exhibition spotlighting an extraordinary time in world history are now on display.

Journalist turned business leader Marina Go

Marina Go's Communications degree has taken her through the world of magazines, to the helm of business and on to the heights of executive leadership.

Business and The Economy

Australia's debt mountain: What does it mean for the kids?

With Australia’s government debt reaching record levels, two Macquarie Business School academics assess the implications for whichever party wins the federal election.

What does Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter mean for free speech?

Will the world’s richest man appoint himself the new CEO of the social media giant?  Will he end the ban on Donald Trump? What does it mean for investors? Macquarie Business School lecturer Farida Akhtar tackles questions triggered by the $61 billion deal.

What's stopping Australians from buying electric cars?

New research from Macquarie Business School suggests the low uptake of electric vehicles is about purchase price and the availability and cost of charging stations.

Retirement matters: New study finds post-work wellbeing is not just about money

Career planning has emerged as an unexpectedly important consideration when preparing for retirement, says Professor Joanne Earl from the Centre for Ageing, Cognition and Wellbeing.

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