Dr Bingyang Shi is part of a world-first research project looking into a beter way to treat brain tumours
Hope for brain tumour patients thanks to world-first research
GoT mortality calculator: Which characters will survive Season 8?
Please explain: what is the easiest language to learn?
Do you know BTS? How K-pop superstars reveal Aussie love affair with Korean culture

In 24 hours their new single became the most viewed music video in history, watched 78 million times - providing a glimpse into a raging Australian devotion to Korean TV, fashion, food and even the language, explains Asian Studies expert Tom Baudinette.

Facebook and Instagram won't change voters' minds

It's cheaper than advertising and works well for fundraising, but political scientist Dr Glenn Kefford says digital campaigning will have little effect on how people vote on May 18.

Mystery of stolen Egyptian artefact cracked by hieroglyphs

The director of Macquarie University's Museum of Ancient Cultures has been praised by Egyptian authorities for returning the fragment dating back to 380 BC which was stolen from Egypt 25 years ago.

Why would anyone go into the family business?

Australians have long been fascinated by the Shakespearean succession dramas among families such as the Murdochs and Packers. But as we move into the peak Baby Boomer retirement years a crisis may be looming - who will take over the family businesses?

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Health and Medicine

Hope for brain tumour patients thanks to world-first research

Macquarie University scientists are part of a promising international research project which has developed a better way to treat certain kinds of fatal brain tumours.

Do mobile phones affect your sleep?

Dr Wayne Warburton, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Psychology explains.

Is memory decline an inevitable part of ageing?

Dr Joyce Siette, Research Fellow at Macquarie University’s Australian Institute for Health Innovation, explains.

Cochlear implants: not just for babies

Seniors are the fastest-growing market for cochlear implants, as research links age-related hearing loss to depression, dementia and social isolation.

Science and Technology

Internet download speed rockets to 10 gigabytes per second using 'magic' chip

Schools, hospitals and universities stand to benefit from a Macquarie University invention, which can cut download speeds in a classroom from 40 minutes to 24 seconds.

First accurate 3D map of the Milky Way reveals a warped galaxy

Astronomers from Macquarie University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences have revealed for the first time the true shape of the Milky Way.

Arts and Society

Win or die: who gets the chop in the new season of Game of Thrones?

Winter is coming – and Macquarie University researchers have used survival analysis techniques to predict which Game of Thrones characters are most likely to come out alive from the upcoming drama.

A disorderly divorce: why a reversal of Brexit could be the best outcome

While chaos and confusion reign in the UK Parliament, Brexit − Britain’s proposed split from the European Union − has already taken its toll on the UK economy.

Let’s get that bread: How teenagers change language

Teens are so lit when it comes to being amazing linguistic innovators, says Dr Nick Wilson. And here's 13 things your teens are saying now, translated.

Who are Australians in 2019?

Five Macquarie University academics give a snapshot of what it means to be an Australian right now.

The Environment

What goes on in the private lives of sharks

Sharks are very smart, they learn quickly and they have feelings, says leading biological scientist Professor Culum Brown.

Insect hotels and why you should build one

A warning has been sounded that insects could disappear within a century. But Macquarie University entomologist Matthew Bulbert says we can all do something to help save them.

Sydney's biggest green roof welcomes researchers and community gardeners

Through a partnership with Macquarie, a 1920s coal depot has been transformed into a community garden, science lab and outdoor classroom, with more plans afoot.

Bright idea: Lights under boards may hide surfers from sharks

The quest to understand how sharks perceive their world has led Macquarie researchers to develop a surfboard with lights that could save the lives of surfers and divers.

The Economy

The Budget: this year's winners and losers

Back in the black? Associate Professor Ben Spies-Butcher makes sense of last night's top three Budget features which he says amount to a thinly-veiled election announcement.

What is a low-carbon economy?

Professor Martina Linnenluecke, head of Macquarie University’s Centre for Corporate Sustainability and Environmental Finance, explains.

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