Professor Ian Goodwin spent 18 months researching on Mill Island Field Camp Antarctica
Coastline crisis: polar ice melts faster than we thought
A stargazers' guide to 5 sky shows coming soon
More than 80 000 Australians have sought help from Mindspot, Macquarie University's mental health service
Forget the couch: online therapy works just as well
Big History gets even bigger, with help from Bill Gates

Professor David Christian hopes his new book can encourage a global approach to solving the grave problems faced by planet Earth. And the founder of Microsoft is right behind him.

Faster, higher, emotionally stronger: risks help kids avoid anxiety

Take off the kid gloves … playing boisterously with your children is good for their mental health, a new Macquarie University study suggests.

The strict media diet that helps fight screen addiction

Approaching technology in the same way we look at nutrition is key to preventing screen use becoming an addiction, says leading psychologist and family researcher.

New health service answers the crisis in cosmetic surgery

PODCAST: Professor Anand Deva talks about the new world-first Breast Implant Check Clinic where his team is pioneering a new way of providing long term health care for women with implants.

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Health and Medicine

Artificial Intelligence will improve our health system    

Australia has a once-in-a-generation chance to transform its health care if we spend some of the just-announced Medical Research Future Fund’s $240 million for Frontier Science on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Zebrafish take science a step closer to an MND cure

A diagnosis of motor neuron disease is a death sentence for 800 Australians every year.  But there is reason for hope.

Why the medical approach to back pain is broken

Many sufferers are wasting their money on treatments that don't work, a new study shows.

Science and Technology

How baker's yeast made in a lab is set to change the world

Science fiction is becoming reality as researchers move closer to creating the first synthetic complex life form.

Bright idea: Lights under boards may hide surfers from sharks

The quest to understand how sharks perceive their world has led Macquarie researchers to develop a surfboard with lights that could save the lives of surfers and divers.

Arts and Society

Boarding school is tough for parents too

It's normal to worry about how children will cope with a significant transition like going to boarding school - but its important to learn to manage your emotions to reduce stress for both you and your child.

Review: Sydney Theatre Company's new play, St Joan

Medievalist Professor Louise D'Arcens - who researches how the Middle Ages continue to influence modern society and culture - reviews the STC's new production of St Joan.

Anyone with an email inbox can be a victim of image-based abuse

But new laws and global co-operation mean offenders - including young people - can face stiff criminal penalties, as the arrest of three Dutch men has shown.

Toddlers in child care need rich conversation: new study finds

Research shows the number of words toddlers hear daily from carers influences the way they learn to speak and ultimately their readiness for school.

The Environment

Wetsuits that hide humans from sharks

A discovery about the eyesight of sharks has led to a real-life application that could save lives.

Drivers risk death when driving into flood water: new study

New research shows that most Australian drivers think they can work out when it is safe to enter flood waters - as foolhardy Hobart drivers proved during last week's natural disaster.

Wild Australian rice could be the key to feeding 11 billion people

Following nearly a decade of research, the discovery of a heat-tolerant protein in native rice is set to go live in field trials of genetically engineered wheat.

The Economy

More women in boardrooms but research finds masculinity prevails

To mark the start of this week's Gender, Work and Organisation Conference in Sydney, Anne Ross-Smith says its not all bad news when it comes to the number of women on Australian boards.

What is Bitcoin?

Dr Angela S. M. Irwin, from the Department of Security Studies and Criminology, explains.

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