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New project empowers migrant women to launch businesses

The Food Moves Skills into Migrant Women program, an initiative by Macquarie Business School, is paving the way for former refugees to acquire vital business skills.

Managers need menopause training to protect profits and retain women in senior jobs

Women leaving work prematurely due to the effects of menopause costs Australian companies more than $10 billion a year. Macquarie Business School researchers say workplace training for managers is urgently needed to support women’s wellbeing and protect the business bottom line.

Hospital emergency departments as noisy as construction sites

A new study of hospital noise has found that emergency departments can be as loud as a construction site, potentially affecting both patients and medical teams.

Significant improvements from new two-hour depression and anxiety treatment: trial

A single online lesson can be as beneficial in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression as a five-lesson treatment program, a clinical trial has found.

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Health and Medicine

COVID-19 could cause long-term neuron damage: new study

New research has shown that COVID-19 can fuse brain cells together, and could explain brain fog, headaches, loss of taste and smell and other long-term neurological symptoms some patients experience.

Please explain: What is sepsis?

Sepsis claims the lives of about 10,000 Australians every year, but its symptoms make it hard to detect. Professor Vincent Lam and Associate Professor Ling Li explain why awareness of this silent killer is the key to reducing the death toll.

Retinal gene therapy could provide protection in glaucoma

Macquarie Medical School researchers have developed a technique for a gene therapy that could help treat the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness.

Kangaroos could help injured athletes get back in the game

Kangaroos have superior tendons and Australian sports injury experts aim to use them to revolutionise treatment for common knee injuries.

Please Explain

Please explain: Why do magpies swoop?

Behavioural ecologist Dr Ben Ashton, who is researching magpie cognition and behaviour, explains.

Referendum Q & A: Who, what, why and how?

As Australia continues to canvass issues surrounding the Voice proposal, Politics and International Relations scholar Associate Professor Ian Tregenza dissects the democratic lynchpin that is the referendum.

Science and Technology

Scamming the scammers: New AI fake victims to disrupt criminal business model

Macquarie University cyber security experts have invented a multilingual chatbot designed to keep scammers on long fake calls and ultimately reduce the huge number of people who lose money to global criminals every day.

Please explain: How are diamonds grown in a lab?

What exactly are lab-grown diamonds and how do they compare with the real thing?  Professors Tracey Rushmer and Rich Mildren explain.

How Australian wattles took over the world and brought their fire risk with them: new book

National Wattle Day on the first of September celebrates our national floral emblem but elsewhere in the world their prolific spread has sparked increased wildfire threats, according to authors of a new book.

Hungry caterpillars: new hero emerges in the war against plastic waste
The powerful combination of a unique caterpillar research facility and Macquarie's synthetic biology expertise may be key to a novel method of recycling plastic.

Arts and Society

Why pottery is history's best friend: new exhibition

A new exhibition at the Macquarie University History Museum puts pots in the spotlight.

New Dracula movie sinks its teeth into vampire legend: review

Gothic literature scholar Dr Kirstin Mills reviews the latest adaptation of Bram Stoker's horror story, Dracula: Voyage of the Demeter.

Viral verse: how Instapoets are reinventing the art

Canadian Instapoet Rupi Kaur has 4.5 million followers and has just completed a world tour which included Australia. Dr Veronica Alfano unpacks the impact of this new artform on traditional poetry.

A portrait of crime in 1950s Sydney suburbia: new book

A forensic dive into police photo archives by crime aficionado Peter Doyle, Macquarie University Honorary Associate Professor of Media, exposes the double life of Sydney suburbia in the 1950s and 1960s.

Business and The Economy

More solar panels needed on rented rooftops

With soaring rent stress rife in Australian capital cities, new research has found many tenants are also missing out on energy savings due to lack of access to solar panels.

Should startups tweet like Elon to get attention?

Researchers examine whether provocative social media posts are an effective way for new businesses to engage audiences online.

How COVID has changed the Australian job market: new data

Which are the country’s top 20 employers? What skills are they seeking? Which job sectors are struggling to recover from COVID? A data analysis of 2.2 million Australian job ads by Macquarie Business School researchers reveals a new employment landscape.

Raise the Australian pension age to 70 by 2050: expert modelling

With protests against raising the pension age raging in France, statistical modelling from the Macquarie Business School suggests Australia’s optimal pension age should be increased to 68 by 2030, 69 by 2036 and 70 by 2050.

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