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Viral verse: how Instapoets are reinventing the art

Canadian Instapoet Rupi Kaur has 4.5 million followers and will begin live shows in Australia this week as part of her world tour. Dr Veronica Alfano unpacks the impact of this new artform on traditional poetry.

Harnessing AI to improve hearing technology

A new research partnership with global tech company Google will explore the use of artificial intelligence to optimise the way hearing devices work.

Ultra-precise medical robot could help slash cancer deaths

A world-first clinical trial of robotic technology that allows doctors to access tiny nodules in the farthest reaches of the lungs is already showing promising results. It could prove to be a game changer in the early detection of our deadliest cancer.

Sky shows: A stargazer's guide to 2023

Macquarie University astronomer Professor Richard de Grijs explains upcoming events in the southern night sky this year and the best dates and times to see them.

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Health and Medicine

Survey shows high levels of untreated hearing loss

The first results of a major study into hearing loss in Australia are in – and if you are over 50, you should probably book a test.

Should doctors help patients buy drugs overseas?

As the cost of medication rises, do doctors have a responsibility to help people safely source cheaper options?

Progress on Alzheimer’s blood test could improve early intervention opportunities

Researchers have taken a step closer to developing a blood test to detect Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear and potentially in enough time to defend against the disease.

Non-certified surgeons to blame for many breast implant complications: study

VIDEO: Women undergoing breast implant surgery performed by non-certified surgeons have increased risks of complications, such as deformity, according to six years of new data from Australia’s first breast implant assessment clinic.

Please Explain

What is post-traumatic stress disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder and unresolved grief are both terms that are being used frequently in the media following the release of Prince Harry’s memoir. Professor Maria Kangas of the School of Psychological Sciences explains what they are and how they can be treated.

Please explain: What is the Law of the Sea and why is it so important?

The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea recently overturned the UK’s 55-year unlawful occupation of the Chagos Islands. And, as sea levels rise, this ruling has the potential to cause a ripple effect in international law.

Science and Technology

Zebra birds are social singers: new study

Song plays an important social role for zebra finches in the wild, upending theories that songbirds only sing to establish territory and attract a mate, a new study reveals.

How green hydrogen could replace the entire fossil fuel industry

Could green hydrogen become tomorrow’s primary energy source? A new book by Emeritus Professor John Mathews offers a practical guide on how – with enough money behind it ­– green hydrogen could completely replace today’s fossil fuel industry.

Death spiral: New James Webb Space Telescope images show a star's murder scene

The first images of a nebula from the James Webb Telescope gave astronomers remarkable insights into the death of the star that created these beautiful haloes of gas and dust.

Land clearing and climate change put half the world's wilderness areas at risk

A world-first study projects that climate change and land clearing will profoundly change half of the world’s remaining wilderness areas by 2050 unless governments act immediately to protect them.

Arts and Society

Renters, single-parent households among Australians going hungry

A coalition of researchers, including social scientists from Macquarie University, is calling for urgent government action to tackle the growing number of Australians skipping meals or eating low quality food.

Viral verse: how Instapoets are reinventing the art

Canadian Instapoet Rupi Kaur has 4.5 million followers and will begin live shows in Australia this week as part of her world tour. Dr Veronica Alfano unpacks the impact of this new artform on traditional poetry.

Actually Mr Darcy ... it's not all about you

Plot twist: To mark the 210th anniversary of Jane Austen's beloved novel Pride and Prejudice, literature scholar Dr Stephanie Russo explains why a lesser-known character beats Fitzwilliam Darcy for the title of her best romantic hero.

Education rethink ahead as ChatGPT hits classrooms

The public release of the Artificial Intelligence tool ChatGPT is set to trigger major disruption in school and university classrooms – but banning it is not the solution, says Macquarie University education technology scholar, Professor Matt Bower.

Business and The Economy

How to find purpose in life and work: new book

Living a meaningful life revolves around purpose and passion, explains Debbie Haski-Leventhal in an inspiring new book.

Banking, healthcare and education set to be transformed by AI

Virtual assistants who give personalised answers to customer queries are among the huge opportunities to transform current business practices across many industries using ChatGPT, according to scholars from the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence at Macquarie University.

Greenwashing in the firing line as Australian super funds pursue authentic sustainability

Australia is described as a utopia for impact investing, as super funds force the companies they invest in to adopt environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, Macquarie applied finance researchers found.

Expert insights into the economic year ahead

With cost-of-living pressure soaring for many Australian households, four Macquarie Business School experts predict how economic conditions might unfold in 2023 with energy prices, 'revenge' spending and inflation under the microscope.

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