Macquarie University launches The Lighthouse

19 April 2018
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A new website shining a light on world-changing research stories

The Lighthouse, a new multi-media news platform showcasing world-changing research news and expert comment, launches today.

Publishing stories, podcasts and opinion pieces daily, the site is designed to highlight the real-world impact of the research and discoveries being made across all academic fields including psychology, technology, cyber-security, medicine, law and finance.

The Lighthouse unleashes the University’s vast array of expertise, illuminating the minds who are solving some of the world's big challenges in science, technology, health, the economy and the environment.

The site will also be a source of spokespeople for the media through its ‘Ask an Expert’ feature giving journalists access to more than 2114 profiles, 104 research units, 5497 projects and 117,143 research papers.

The University’s media releases will also be published on the site.

Academics across multiple fields will tackle topical and evergreen burning questions in the ‘Please Explain’ section clarifying everything from ‘what is bitcoin to ‘why do we dream’?

Professor Nicole Anderson, head of the Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies said The Lighthouse would help counteract the social media world where opinions were treated as facts.

“The site will respond to the era of fake news and alternative facts by presenting credible, research-backed commentary,” said Professor Anderson.

Edited by former Fairfax Editor Angie Kelly, The Lighthouse is at the forefront of a growing trend of universities launching news platforms.

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