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National screening program will test Aussie kids for hearing loss
Macquarie research has confirmed the wide-reaching benefits of discovering hearing issues as early as possible. By Sarah Maguire.
Why co-ops could be the solution to corporate corruption
Co-ops were a popular business model in previous centuries and they are slowly making a comeback as their community focus appeals to a disgruntled public.
It's official: being kind makes you happy and healthy
Money might not buy you happiness but volunteering does - in spades, a Macquarie economics study has discovered. By Sarah Maguire.
Coffee waste to coffee cups? The ultimate recycle
A Macquarie researcher believes he's found a way to make the national take-away coffee habit more environmentally friendly.
Unearthing museum fakes is critical for setting the historical record straight
Analysing fake artefacts helps historians to understand the motivations and environments that give rise to forgeries.
Future teachers learning valuable lessons from India teaching experience
Ten students spent a month in India gaining practical teaching experience in one of the first programs of its kind offered by an Australian university.
Five macabre things you didn't know about Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
As Frankenstein turns 200 years old, Dr Kirstin Mills from the Department of English explores how the monstrous creation was inspired by the spooky real life of its author.
Mid-morning coffee works better than early caffeine hit
Relying on caffeine to make you more alert in the early morning may be a waste of time.
Sulawesi's earthquake and tsunami provide key insights into catastrophe response
Disaster researchers, who are keeping a close watch on the situation in Indonesia, highlight the gaps Australia has in its ability to handle a catastrophic event here.
How innovations are transforming breast cancer treatment
To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Professor John Boyages looks at how innovations at Macquarie University are helping to provide more personalised treatment for patients - and improve survival rates.
New breast health clinic the first of its kind in Australia
A new breast health clinic at Macquarie University Hospital is revolutionising the way women can access specialist treatment.
Hypnosis breakthrough in changing ingrained behaviour
Macquarie researchers have used hypnosis to achieve what was previously considered impossible: to overcome an ingrained behaviour usually outside our conscious control.