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Cannabis as painkiller: facts versus the fiction
As legal attitudes towards cannabis change, what do we know about its medicinal properties? A Macquarie University expert is keen to set the record straight.
Why your 'couple song' could mean so much more, as time goes by
If you share a special song with your partner, chances are it could be more than a romantic connection - new research has revealed it could also have a positive effect on memory and well-being.
Macquarie University maintains strong global ranking
Macquarie University has consolidated its place among the world's top research universities in the 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), ranking in the 201-300 bracket.
Tall Poppy awards for four outstanding Macquarie researchers
Four Macquarie researchers have been honoured as 2019 NSW Tall Poppies. The Tall Poppy Campaign, now in its 22nd year, was created by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science to recognise and celebrate Australian intellectual and scientific
New scam-busting toolkit could save your number from being hijacked
You don’t have to fall in love with a Nigerian ‘prince’ or inherit €650,000,000 from a 'philanthropist' to be the victim of a scammer. Theft linked with the unauthorised porting of your mobile number is shockingly easy, but
New tests uncover killer cannabinoids
Macquarie University researcher Shivani Sachdev has developed new tests to analyse synthetic cannabinoids and found some are up to 300 times more powerful than the cannabis plant.
The man behind the Tuscan splendour tourists come to see
On the anniversary of his birth 500 years ago, due recognition of art patron Cosimo I de’Medici is long overdue - and the Art Gallery of NSW has drawn on Macquarie University expertise to mark the occassionthis month.
Mystery of stolen Egyptian artefact cracked by hieroglyphs
The director of Macquarie University's Museum of Ancient Cultures has been praised by Egyptian authorities for returning the fragment dating back to 380 BC which was stolen from Egypt 25 years ago.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome research receives $1 million funding
Philanthropic trust, The Mason Foundation, has granted a record $1 million to an international group of researchers to establish and conduct research using the first Australian Registry and Biobank for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue
When will Australia’s volcanoes erupt?
A Macquarie University volcanologist is calling on authorities to implement an emergency response plan, warning an eruption in the Newer Volcanics Province - an area with over 400 volcanoes - could threaten Melbourne, Sydney and the east of Australia
Smartphones are making us stupid – and may be a 'gateway drug'
Neuroscience research shows that smartphones are making us stupider, less social, more forgetful, more prone to addiction, sleepless and depressed, and poor at navigation – so why are we giving them to kids?
How do shells form?
PhD student Matthew Kerr, from the Department of Biological Sciences, explains.