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Review: Mary Queen of Scots
Here is a gorgeous-looking, highly enjoyable costume drama with one particular scene worth the price of admission alone, writes Stephanie Russo, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of English.
Aged care reforms stumble as older Australians struggle to stay at home
Older Australians would rather be cared for at home, but as the Royal Commission into Aged Care begins in Adelaide this week, a Macquarie researcher has identified significant obstacles in their way.
Positive online hotel reviews have more clout than the complainers
We pay far more attention to positive online hotel reviews - and ignore negative ones, new research has found.
You have a better chance of being a CEO in Australia if you were born in USA, UK or Canada
A study of census data shows the Australian-born are less likely to reach the top of companies than people born overseas.
Drownings up: Foreign visitors can’t spot the risks at beaches and rivers, study finds
Visitors to Australia are at more risk of drowning than locals are – and new research from Macquarie confirms that people born overseas often don’t spot the many hazards around Australia’s waterways.
Why do we swear?
Dr Nick Wilson, lecturer in the Department of Linguistics explains.
Trump addresses the nation: the border 'emergency' explained
Dr Lloyd Cox, who teaches United States politics in the Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations, clarifies the events leading up to what is set to become the longest government shutdown in US history.
Prepared pet-owners can avoid bushfire grief
Owners of pets and 'love-stock' who have a plan for taking care of their animals in emergencies can avoid the heartbreak of losing them, research shows.
Wetsuits that hide humans from sharks
A discovery about the eyesight of sharks has led to a real-life application that could save lives.
Cracking the mysteries of a summer lunch favourite
Macquarie scientists helped save oyster farming in NSW, ensuring the survival of an Australian festive food staple. Now, they have turned their attention to returning oysters to the wild.
Macquarie presents accomplished geneticist Professor Jef Boeke the award of Doctor of Science
Macquarie University has presented accomplished geneticist Professor Jef Boeke the award of Doctor of Science honoris causa in recognition of his contribution to genetics.
Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel awarded Doctor of Letters by Macquarie University
Macquarie University has presented Australia’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel the award of Doctor of Letters honoris causa in recognition of his contributions to science, medicine and innovation in Australia, recently at the 7th