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New Artificial Intelligence can predict personality
In the near future, when you apply for a job or join a new team at work, a machine, rather than a human, may assess your personality traits to see if you are suitable.
How finding the fine print could slash your grocery bills
Supermarkets are legally required to provide unit prices for their products, but they aren’t obliged to make them easy for consumers to see. Now a new study has found Australian shoppers - even bargain hunters - pay little attention to unit
Working from home is more productive, but bosses don't like it
The technology is available but your boss is the main barrier to more people working from anywhere, economists say.
Election fatigue and what to do about it
With the federal election three days away, many voters may be experiencing election fatigue; a sense of apathy or disengagement with the looming poll and voting process, warns Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr Robert Sinnerbrink.
Blood flow command centre discovered in the brain
A team of scientists from Australia, France, New Zealand and the UK has discovered a group of brain cells that function as a ‘master-controller’ for the cardiovascular system by orchestrating the control of blood flow to different parts
It’s not just fish, plastic pollution harms the bacteria that help us breathe
Ten per cent of the oxygen we breathe comes from just one kind of bacteria in the ocean. Now laboratory tests have shown that these bacteria are susceptible to plastic pollution, according to a study published in Communications Biology overnight.
New Dementia Centre offers hope in fight against our second biggest killer disease
The new Macquarie University Dementia Research Centre brings together a team of leading scientists from Australia and overseas who will work together to better understand Alzheimer’s disease and develop better diagnostic tools and treatments.
Talent show judges favour contestants who perform last: study
Australian Eurovision contender Kate Miller-Heidke better hope she goes on last in this weekend's final -  contestants who perform last may stand the best chance of winning, new research suggests.
Climate wars: what you need to know before you vote on Saturday
Carbon pricing expert Stefan Trueck, Professor of Business Analytics at the Macquarie Business School, sits down for a Q&A on the differences between the major parties’ climate policies.
The scourge of pressure injuries among Australians in aged care
Macquarie University research has shown a high incidence of the excruciatingly painful yet preventable condition.
New Macquarie StyleHub has the final word on written style
Macquarie University and Biotext announce the impending launch of the Macquarie StyleHub, a comprehensive online platform designed for academics, students, and professional writers and editors, to promote clear and effective communication.
How blockchain could change the way you buy your next house
Slashing the cost of real estate conveyancing is just one of the ways blockchain technology will transform commerce and affect our daily lives. Professor Tom Smith, Head of Macquarie’s Department of Applied Finance, explains.