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Memo to managers: stop managing
If management gets out of the way of workers, chaos reigns. And that is the way it should be, says Dr Lars Groeger from the Department of Marketing at Macquarie Business School.
Budget blues: why Canberra's COVID-19 spending is far from over
With the federal government’s mini-budget due next week, Macquarie Business School economist Professor David Orsmond writes that rescue measures may need to extend beyond the September cut-off.
Uni teams up with council to launch anti-racism campaign
In response to new research results, a campaign aimed at stamping out incidents of casual and verbal racism will launch in Sydney's municipality of Ryde, where international students make up more than 10 per cent of the population.
Please explain: What is cabin fever?
What are the impacts of being stuck in a confined space for weeks on end? Macquarie Senior Research Fellow and Clinical Psychologist Dr Carly Johnco explains.
Please explain: why is Canberra splurging on cyber security?
The federal government has just announced an extra $1.35 billion in cyber security funding, in the wake of online attacks in Australia. Dr Stephen McCombie, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security at the Department of Security Studies and Criminology,
World-first lung repair shows promise
WORLD FIRST: A new lung repair operation pioneered at Macquarie University Hospital is dramatically improving the quality of life of patients with chronic lung disease.
Sexual harassment an issue beyond the legal industry
The allegations of sexual harassment against Dyson Heydon have put the spotlight on the power imbalance in male-dominated professions, explains Dr Raymond Trau from the Macquarie Business School.
Why the timing could not be worse as newspapers close across Australia
Communities around the nation enter a new era without a local newspaper at a time when the bush faces issues that affect us all, says Macquarie University Senior Lecturer in Media Dr Willa McDonald.
Has cancel culture gone too far?
In the aftermath of George Floyd’s violent death, Macquarie University’s Dr Anthony Lambert explores whether the cultural reckoning can actually help uproot systemic racism.
Airline industry in a tailspin: what's next for Australian aviation?
While the sector has hit turbulent times, a more sustainable, efficient and robust industry that connects the global community could emerge. Dr Troy Sarina from the Macquarie Business School explains.
Lawyers and doctors work together in new clinic to support vulnerable decision-makers
Macquarie University’s new Capacity and Capability clinic helps people with early-stage dementia -  and other cognitive challenges - make sound decisions about their welfare including their financial and legal affairs.
Please explain: Who, or what, are antifa?
As protests erupted across America in the wake of George Floyd’s death, US President Donald Trump sought to lay blame on the shadowy antifa movement. But what exactly is antifa? Macquarie University Higher Degree Research student Sarah Holmes