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Your at-home crash course in English literature
English Professor Louise D’Arcens recommends 10 absorbing tales to thoroughly entertain and stretch the brain muscle, too, during our time in coronavirus lockdown.
Rare figurines uncovered at lost biblical city
A  rare figurine of the Canaanite god Baal and a bronze calf statue are among the fascinating finds which Macquarie University archaeologists have uncovered in Israel.
COVID-19 crisis doesn't have to be a 'war'
Thanks to humanity's love of war, reflected in our language, millions of displaced people face the pandemic with little basic healthcare or housing, writes Macquarie University linguist Annabelle Lukin.
Coronavirus contact-tracing app raises privacy concerns
A mobile contact-tracing app is a potential lifesaver, but even in desperate times privacy is an issue. Hassan Asghar and Dali Kaafar, from Macquarie University’s Cybersecurity Hub, suggest some quick solutions.
Fighting words: how war metaphors can trigger racism
History reveals the dangers of adopting war metaphors during the coronavirus crisis, writes Professor Lucy Taksa of the Macquarie Business School.
Kindness during chaos keeps us in control
We get a buzz out of doing nice things for people. During times of chaos, kind deeds are also our way to regain a little control, says Professor Amanda Barnier.
Australia’s deep talent pool waiting to be tapped
Businesses stand to benefit by embracing neurodiversity rather than denying opportunities to adults with autism and other disorders.
Retool and reboot: How to keep afloat during times of economic crisis
As the economy grinds to a halt and Australian businesses are being called upon to retool, Macquarie Business School's Dr Troy Sarina says displaced workers can also look at opportunities to reboot and reskill.
Small biases multiply into big career impacts for female surgeons
A new Macquarie University study has found that female surgeons in Australia continue to suffer gender bias on almost every measure including pay, workload and workplace conditions.
Please explain: why toilet paper?
Macquarie University economist Rolland Bogdonovich unrolls the sociological – and possibly sinister – reason behind the run on this basic item.
The new normal: the skills you need to stay emotionally strong
Macquarie University’s MindSpot clinic has been inundated with thousands of Australians seeking to manage their anxiety right now. As we settle into our 'new normal', Professor Nick Titov recommends these daily activities to help build
When a system breaks: research lays out urgency for more ICU beds
A lack of intensive care beds in hospitals could prove deadlier than the coronavirus itself, new Macquarie research shows.