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Macquarie University Campus Tour 2
Take a tour of the beautiful green Macquarie University campus with us.
How social media threatens our health
Misinformation about health can go viral on social media, yet more than half the posts on Facebook immunisation pages are inaccurate.
Mediocre bank managers, it's time to go
The banking industry has had an easy run, now it needs to be forced to adopt business excellence practices, say MGSM experts Vik Kortian and Norma Harrison.
Future of work is about humans, not robots
#meToo and #OscarsSoWhite have shown that resolving workplace tensions over diversity and power will become even more critical than technology in tomorrow’s workplace.
Review: The Merchant of Venice at Sydney's pop-up Globe Theatre
Groundlings may be fair game for exuberant banter from actors on stage but this new take on Shakespeare's story also gives us the chance to reflect on prejudice in modern-day Australia, writes English Professor Louise D'Arcens.
Shakespeare's English? Five ways you're speaking it daily
The Bard invented phrases we use to the point of cliche. With the pop-up Globe Theatre's Sydney season under way, English Professor Louise D'Arcens revisits the origins of some of his finest coinings.
How to tell if you R OK?
When does the stress of normal life or sadness cross the line into something more serious and how do you know when to get professional help?
Mysteries of dyslexia unravelled
Scores of children are being helped to overcome literacy problems at a Macquarie clinic that puts into practice the university’s world-leading research into reading.
Could your smart car be hacked?
Our smart vehicles are increasingly vulnerable and it’s time for stronger safety standards, warns security expert John Baird.
Sydney's biggest green roof welcomes researchers and community gardeners
Through a partnership with Macquarie, a 1920s coal depot has been transformed into a community garden, science lab and outdoor classroom, with more plans afoot.
Why do women live longer than men?
Alexandra Bhatti, Associate Lecturer in the Department of Health Systems and Populations, explains.
The gender revolution of Generation Z
'He' or 'she' are just two of the options to express gender for a new generation discarding the idea that people are either male or female.