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Eight in 10 HSC students say they cope well with HSC stress
A two-year survey of this year’s HSC students across seven Sydney high schools has found that around 80 per cent of students manage their pre-exam stress levels well.
Life after the HSC: how to find the right job
You don't have to decide what to do with the rest of your life right now -  in this cheat sheet for school leavers, workplace expert Dr Patrick Garcia busts common myths about choosing a career.
TMI: the cognitive science behind why you can't read all your emails in a day
In a world awash with emails, the struggle to keep on top of the inbox is universal. Here’s why trying to read more than a few dozen a day could be wasting everyone’s time – and worse.
Kids with social anxiety are likeable and popular
Children with social anxiety are often well-liked by fellow students, a new Macquarie University study of seven to 13 year-olds has shown. Researchers hope the finding can help short-circuit a disorder that can otherwise be debilitating in adulthood.
Listen up! Experts call for action on hearing loss-depression link
Understanding and addressing the impacts of hearing loss on mental wellbeing has become an urgent issue, write renowned Macquarie University audiologists Professor Cath McMahon and Associate Professor Piers Dawes.
The words that heal after breast cancer
Women who have a greater sense of self-compassion after a breast cancer diagnosis are less likely to experience anxiety and depression, new research from Macquarie University shows. Writing about it can also have a powerful effect.
New online pain clinic offers relief, cuts depression
A free eight-week course is changing the lives of thousands of Australians who suffer from chronic pain.
It's official: being kind makes you happy and healthy
Money might not buy you happiness but volunteering does - in spades, a Macquarie economics study has discovered.
Sleep loss plus social media bad combo for teens
There are mental health problems that specifically begin in adolscence, says the researcher behind the high school Raw Project, which surveys more than 500 teens every year.
Dads play a role in preventing social anxiety in children
Dads who encourage children to try new things and don’t shield them from disappointment or let them win all the time may help them avoid social anxiety in young adulthood.
Announcement of the new Centre of Excellence for Synthetic Biology
The Australian Research Council (ARC) has announced that a consortium centred around Macquarie University’s Biofoundry will receive $35m in funding to create a new ARC Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology (CoESB) from 2020.
$3 million funding awarded to trial lifestyle interventions against Alzheimer’s Disease
Lifestyle factors that may protect brain health and reduce the risk of dementia will be trialled in a newly funded Macquarie University study.