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How liposuction transformed Sharne’s life
Lymphoedema in Sharne Willoughby’s left leg meant she could hardly walk. Since liposuction at Macquarie Health, she has run five half-marathons.
A hearing test can detect these four serious illnesses
Dementia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart issues are among the serious health conditions which can be discovered by a simple hearing test.
How to know if you have undiagnosed hearing loss
Fatigue, headaches and increased falls - these are just some of the major signs that you may need a hearing test, explains Professor Catherine McMahon, Macquarie University's Director of Audiology.
Cochlear implants: not just for babies
Seniors are the fastest-growing market for cochlear implants, as research links age-related hearing loss to depression, dementia and social isolation.
New project helps kids with hearing loss learn to speak
Children with hearing loss face challenges learning language, but a new Macquarie University project will explore how to help them more effectively learn to listen and speak.
Who are Australians in 2019?
Five Macquarie University academics give a snapshot of what it means to be an Australian right now.
Aged care reforms stumble as older Australians struggle to stay at home
Older Australians would rather be cared for at home, but as the Royal Commission into Aged Care begins in Adelaide this week, a Macquarie researcher has identified significant obstacles in their way.
Many advanced melanomas can now be beaten
Oncologist Rick Kefford’s job is both heart-breaking and hugely rewarding, as melanoma cancer research leaps ahead, he now sees hope for patients who wouldn't have survived three years ago.
New Cochlear study to help millions of Chinese children
Early identification of hearing loss could be even more important for children who speak tonal languages such as Mandarin, research shows.
National screening program will test Aussie kids for hearing loss
Macquarie University research has confirmed the wide-reaching benefits of discovering hearing issues as early as possible.
It's official: being kind makes you happy and healthy
Money might not buy you happiness but volunteering does - in spades, a Macquarie economics study has discovered.
Mid-morning coffee works better than early caffeine hit
Relying on caffeine to make you more alert in the early morning may be a waste of time.