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Drinking while breastfeeding can affect children's academic results, new study
Research by Macquarie University has found drinking alcohol while breastfeeding is linked to poorer NAPLAN results in primary school.
The lethal blind spot in our COVID-19 response
Contaminated surfaces are an overlooked front in our battle against coronavirus. We need to act now, writes Professor Anand Deva, co-chair of the Surgical Infection Research Group at Macquarie University.
The power of learning IRL: how hand gestures help kids – and adults – understand
Online education has done its job during the COVID-19 crisis, but Macquarie University research reveals how it can never match real-life learning.
Invisible monsters: why infectious diseases are so hard to conquer
Globally, infectious disease is the leading cause of child and adolescent mortality and one of the leading causes of adult deaths. One of the biggest contributing factors is air travel, explains anthropologist Associate Professor Lisa Wynn.
How chatbots support us in COVID-19
Chatbots are helping fight the coronavirus pandemic, but as Macquarie University researcher Dr Liliana Laranjo points out, they present challenges alongside the benefits.
Please explain: how vaccines work
Billions of dollars and countless hours are being devoted to developing a vaccine for COVID-19. Infectious diseases epidemiologist Professor Janaki Amin explains how vaccines work and what might lie ahead in the search for a solution to the pandemic.
What happens when surgical tools are left inside a patient
Macquarie University research has identified how long most 'retained surgical instruments' remain undetected, why the mistakes occur … and how to fix them.
2020: A boom in babies or bust-ups?
Will our enforced COVID-19 isolation lead to record divorce rates? Or will it bring couples closer? Macquarie University relationships expert has these 10 tips for staying positive while under unusual strain.
The missing piece in finding a vaccine: bioinformatics
Genetics research from Macquarie University could help pinpoint the ideal strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus for vaccine development.
How to stop COVID comfort eating and change your bad habits forever
When it comes to our diets, the COVID-19 emergency could be a blessing in disguise, says Macquarie University Hospital Clinic’s Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist Dr Juliana Chen.
When a system breaks: research lays out urgency for more ICU beds
A lack of intensive care beds in hospitals could prove deadlier than the coronavirus itself, new Macquarie research shows.
The science of the sporting comeback
Many top athletes have finely-tuned their cognitive skills to excel in competition – and that’s part of the reason many can nail a comeback after injury or a break.