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Low-cost weight loss surgery launched for patients in need
"It's a life changer," says first patient of a new affordable surgery deal at Macquarie University Hospital.
Zebrafish take science a step closer to an MND cure
A diagnosis of motor neuron disease is a death sentence for 800 Australians every year.  But there is reason for hope.
World-first fish oil + testosterone Alzheimer's trial begins
Macquarie University Hospital is the Sydney hub for a multi-site trial looking at the effects of testosterone supplements on reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.
How social media threatens our health
Misinformation about health can go viral on social media, yet more than half the posts on Facebook immunisation pages are inaccurate.
How to tell if you R OK?
When does the stress of normal life or sadness cross the line into something more serious and how do you know when to get professional help?
Mysteries of dyslexia unravelled
Scores of children are being helped to overcome literacy problems at a Macquarie clinic that puts into practice the university’s world-leading research into reading.
Digital therapy works: 80,000 people seek help from online mental health service
A revolutionary digital mental health service is providing support for anxiety, depression and chronic pain distress through the privacy of free online therapists.
Why your grumpy grandpa could need help
Poor mental health is undertreated in older Australians, who should be having the time of their lives.
PODCAST: Prof Ralph Martin on how fish oil and testosterone may delay Alzheimer's
Neurobiologist Prof Ralph Martins is conducting a world-first trial exploring whether testosterone and fish oil may prove to be the key in preventing Alzheimer's disease.
Young women most likely to have poor mental health
The prevalence of anxiety disorders in young women points to a crisis that needs serious attention.
Faster, higher, emotionally stronger: risks help kids avoid anxiety
Take off the kid gloves … playing boisterously with your children is good for their mental health, a new Macquarie University study suggests.
New health service answers the crisis in cosmetic surgery
PODCAST: Professor Anand Deva talks about the world-first Breast Implant Check Clinic where his team is pioneering a new way of providing long term health care for women with implants.