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PODCAST: Prof Ralph Martin on how fish oil and testosterone may delay Alzheimer's
Neurobiologist Prof Ralph Martins is conducting a world-first trial exploring whether testosterone and fish oil may prove to be the key in preventing Alzheimer's disease.
Young women most likely to have poor mental health
The prevalence of anxiety disorders in young women points to a crisis that needs serious attention.
Faster, higher, emotionally stronger: risks help kids avoid anxiety
Take off the kid gloves … playing boisterously with your children is good for their mental health, a new Macquarie University study suggests.
Digital therapy works: 80,000 people seek help from online mental health service
A revolutionary digital mental health service is providing support for anxiety, depression and chronic pain distress through the privacy of free online therapists.
New health service answers the crisis in cosmetic surgery
PODCAST: Professor Anand Deva talks about the world-first Breast Implant Check Clinic where his team is pioneering a new way of providing long term health care for women with implants.
Artificial Intelligence will improve our health system    
Australia has a once-in-a-generation chance to transform its health care if we spend some of the just-announced Medical Research Future Fund’s $240 million for Frontier Science on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
What you eat can reduce your risk of Alzheimer's
Australian cook and gourmet food producer Maggie Beer has teamed up with Macquarie Alzheimer’s expert Professor Ralph Martins on a cook book to boost brain health.
Here's how your kids can avoid injury this footy season
Knowing where to place your head during a tackle is crucial for kids to avoid injury on the footy field, says Dr Tim Doyle, who works with the Rabbitohs on how to minimise injuries during collisions.
Is there a limit to human endurance?
As world records keep falling during the 2018 Commonwealth Games, we ask how fast can humans run, swim, cycle and throw and when will we reach our limits?
Less than two in three treatments for common childhood ills meet guidelines
The landmark CareTrack Kids study has found care met clinical guidelines in less than two thirds of treatments for 17 common childhood conditions.
Why the medical approach to back pain is broken
Many sufferers are wasting their money on treatments that don't work, a new study shows.
Zebrafish take science a step closer to an MND cure
A diagnosis of motor neuron disease is a death sentence for 800 Australians every year.  But there is reason for hope.