Health and Medicine


Doing nothing for cancer patients is sometimes better than aggressive treatments
Regardless of advances in medicine, cancer is still the diagnosis that strikes fear into our hearts - but what are the consequences for all concerned when we get the diagnosis and treatment wrong?
Australia in ‘uncharted territory’ with long-term health impacts of air pollution
One of Australia’s leading lung cancer specialists says we could see a potential spike in lung cancer in coming decades, particularly if poor air quality persists.
Non-smokers and teens take up vaping: study blames ads
New research shows that non-smokers and teens are taking up vaping thanks to advertising and social media ‘influencers’.
Bid to beat tech giants in developing digital scribe for doctors
Macquarie University researchers developing an artificial intelligence that transcribes and summarises consultations between doctors and patients are eager for more data.
How to cope with Christmas
Not everyone loves this time of year. Professor Nick Titov, of Macquarie University's MindSpot Clinic, shares key tips for managing the pressures of the festive season.
Listen up! Experts call for action on hearing loss-depression link
Understanding and addressing the impacts of hearing loss on mental wellbeing has become an urgent issue, write renowned Macquarie University audiologists Professor Cath McMahon and Associate Professor Piers Dawes.
Kids with social anxiety are likeable and popular
Children with social anxiety are often well-liked by fellow students, a new Macquarie University study of seven to 13 year-olds has shown. Researchers hope the finding can help short-circuit a disorder that can otherwise be debilitating in adulthood.
Sleep loss plus social media bad combo for teens
There are mental health problems that specifically begin in adolscence, says the researcher behind the high school Raw Project, which surveys more than 500 teens every year.
Macquarie changing the world through the power of research
From seeking cures for devastating diseases to developing heat-resistant crops, Macquarie University is making a real-world impact through its research, writes Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius.
Cannabis as painkiller: facts versus the fiction
As legal attitudes towards cannabis change, what do we know about its medicinal properties? A Macquarie University expert is keen to set the record straight.
New tests uncover killer cannabinoids
Macquarie University researcher Shivani Sachdev has developed new tests to analyse synthetic cannabinoids and found some are up to 300 times more powerful than the cannabis plant.
Is there such a thing as too much exercise?
Dr Kathryn Mills, Lecturer in Physiotherapy in Macquarie University’s Department of Health Professions, explains.