Health and Medicine


Cannabis as painkiller: facts versus the fiction
As legal attitudes towards cannabis change, what do we know about its medicinal properties? A Macquarie University expert is keen to set the record straight.
New tests uncover killer cannabinoids
Macquarie University researcher Shivani Sachdev has developed new tests to analyse synthetic cannabinoids and found some are up to 300 times more powerful than the cannabis plant.
Is there such a thing as too much exercise?
Dr Kathryn Mills, Lecturer in Physiotherapy in Macquarie University’s Department of Health Professions, explains.
New Artificial Intelligence can predict personality
In the near future, when you apply for a job or join a new team at work, a machine, rather than a human, may assess your personality traits to see if you are suitable.
New Dementia Centre offers hope in fight against our second biggest killer disease
The new Macquarie University Dementia Research Centre brings together a team of leading scientists from Australia and overseas who will work together to better understand Alzheimer’s disease and develop better diagnostic tools and treatments.
The scourge of pressure injuries among Australians in aged care
Macquarie University research has shown a high incidence of the excruciatingly painful yet preventable condition.
Hearing health crisis among Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders
The high prevalence of ear disease among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is linked with poor education and social problems, writes Professor Cath McMahon, who is dedicated to transforming hearing health in indigenous communities.
How liposuction transformed Sharne’s life
Lymphoedema in Sharne Willoughby’s left leg meant she could hardly walk. Since liposuction at Macquarie Health, she has run five half-marathons.
A hearing test can detect these four serious illnesses
Dementia, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and heart issues are among the serious health conditions which can be discovered by a simple hearing test.
How to know if you have undiagnosed hearing loss
Fatigue, headaches and increased falls - these are just some of the major signs that you may need a hearing test, explains Professor Catherine McMahon, Macquarie University's Director of Audiology.
Cochlear implants: not just for babies
Seniors are the fastest-growing market for cochlear implants, as research links age-related hearing loss to depression, dementia and social isolation.
Who are Australians in 2019?
Five Macquarie University academics give a snapshot of what it means to be an Australian right now.