Media Releases


Surfing bacteria reveal new insights into the ocean’s health
Australian scientists have recorded more than 175,000 tiny microbes dwelling in our ocean waters for the first time, providing an unprecedented baseline against which to measure the effects of climate change and human activities.
Macquarie receives three prestigious ARC fellowships in latest grant round
Three Macquarie University academics have received ARC Fellowships for research in earth sciences, linguistics and psychology, announced today by Minister for Education and Training, Simon Birmingham.
$6.9 million quest for new antibiotics from Australia’s unique microbiome
Macquarie University and UWA scientists will join forces with two Australian companies to search for new antibiotics in 500,000 species of Australian microbes.
Top shelf bottom feeders: how dumping fish scraps is putting stingrays at risk
A new study from Macquarie University shows that the habit of dumping fish waste back into the water can have significant and concerning impacts on the behaviour of marine animals.
Macquarie and Analog Devices announce partnership to develop the next generation of design engineers
New lab designed to meet the demands of the next wireless revolution
A Field of Colour: New exhibition revisits Tony McGillick’s artworks
For the first time in 40 years, Tony McGillick’s artworks will be on display in a new solo retrospective: A Field of Colour at Macquarie University Art Gallery.
Award-winning production company and Australia’s leading medical research centre partner to drive school uptake of STEM subjects
The new initiative aims to address an increasing Aussie education scourge: A significant lack of Australian women taking up university-accredited STEM degrees.
The future of electronics is chemical
We can’t cram any more processing power into silicon-based computer chips. But a paper published in Nature overnight reveals how we can make electronic devices 10 times smaller, and use molecules to build electronic circuits instead.
Leading telescope science and technology group moves to Macquarie University
Effective 1 July, Macquarie University has assumed responsibility for the research and optical instrumentation capability of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, a group with 45 years of excellence in astronomy instrumentation.
New global study: Marriage may protect against heart disease and stroke and associated risk of death
A global study led by Keele University in the United Kingdom in collaboration with Macquarie University has found that marriage may protect against the development of heart disease and stroke as well as influencing who is more likely to die of it.
Warming oceans will affect sharks’ brains
Rising ocean temperatures due to climate change will not only be felt by smaller organisms like coral, but will also impact apex predators, according to new research.
Why so blue? New research sheds light on why our iconic blue-tongue lizards have such colourful tongues
A new study by researchers at Macquarie University has shed light on why blue tongue lizards have such an outrageously coloured tongue, given that the vast majority of lizards have a regular pink tongue.