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The psychology behind the gifts you will give this Christmas
Our experts have pored over the research on gift giving to give you some great tips for your Christmas shopping campaign.
New child sex abuse laws go easier on 'sexting' teens, but pedophiles beware
NSW has broken new ground with its tough law reforms in response to the royal commission into child sex abuse, writes Associate Lecturer Zara Bending of Macquarie Law School.
Can dress codes be legally enforced?
Outrage ensued when an ABC journalist was kicked out of parliament this week for showing ‘too much shoulder’. Here’s why the attendant who asked Patricia Karvelas to leave had every right to do so. Macquarie Law School's Julian
Why do whales strand themselves?
Vanessa Pirotta, Macquarie University marine biologist and whale expert, explains.
Many advanced melanomas can now be beaten
Oncologist Rick Kefford’s job is both heart-breaking and hugely rewarding, as melanoma cancer research leaps ahead, he now sees hope for patients who wouldn't have survived three years ago.
Sydney's iconic Macquarie Lighthouse celebrates 200 years
From its famous convict architect to the enigmatic tunnel below it, Australia's first lighthouse has never stopped making history.
New map reveals fastest growing languages across Sydney
Mandarin has overtaken Arabic to become the most common language spoken in Sydney after English, according to new research which makes a case for strengthening language education to bolster Australia’s economy.
More wild weather on the way
The wild conditions across Sydney on Wednesday – followed by a hot weekend – are becoming far more common as the climate continues to change.
Drivers risk death when driving into flood water: new study
As torrential rain and flash flooding hit NSW on Wednesday, drivers were warned again it is never safe to enter flood waters - as Macquarie research has shown, a slight error of judgement can be the difference between life and death.
The Mars landing: 5 things you need to know
Planetary scientist Associate Professor Craig O’Neill from the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences explains.
Car parks could be used as power plants in electric car future
A little known benefit of electric vehicles is highlighted by new research showing that en masse, they could be used like a huge battery connected to the grid.
How baker's yeast made in a lab is set to change the world
As the 7th International Yeast 2.0 and Synthetic Genomes Conference gets underway in Sydney, we look at Macquarie's contribution to a world-changing project.