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What is a lunar eclipse?
Astrophysicist Professor Richard de Grijs explains exactly what happens during a lunar eclipse like the rare spectacle that occured on July 28.
What will the average life expectancy be in 100 years?
Alexandra Bhatti, Associate Lecturer in Public Health in the Department of Health Systems and Populations, explains.
Do mobile phones affect your sleep?
Dr Wayne Warburton, Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology explains.
Can you ever beat jet lag?
What is jet lag? Associate Lecturer, Alexandra Bhatti, Department of Health Systems and Populations explains.
What is ephemeral art?
Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences Michael Gillings explains.
What is the easiest language to learn?
Dr Nan Xu Rattanasone, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) explains.
Why do we travel?
Dr Robert Sinnerbrink, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy explains.
Will there be space travel in our lifetime?
To mark Star Wars Day - May fourth - we asked mechanical engineering lecturer, Dr Sammy Diasinos, if commercial flights into the galaxy will be taking off any time soon?
Will flying cars become a reality?
Mechanical Engineering Lecturer Dr Sammy Diasinos explains.
What is a laser beam?
Professor Rich Mildren, Deputy Director of the Macquarie Photonics Research Centre, explains.
How loud does music have to be to damage your hearing?
Dr Warwick Williams, Senior Research Engineer from the National Acoustic Laboratories, explains.
Is Facebook listening to our conversations?
Professor Dali Kaafar, Scientific Director, Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub and Leader of Data61 Information Security and Privacy Group, explains.