Science and Technology


New project helps kids with hearing loss learn to speak
Children with hearing loss face challenges learning language, but a new Macquarie University project will explore how to help them more effectively learn to listen and speak.
Wetsuits that hide humans from sharks
A discovery about the eyesight of sharks has led to a real-life application that could save lives.
Cracking the mysteries of a summer lunch favourite
Macquarie scientists helped save oyster farming in NSW, ensuring the survival of an Australian festive food staple. Now, they have turned their attention to returning oysters to the wild.
How baker's yeast made in a lab is set to change the world
As the 7th International Yeast 2.0 and Synthetic Genomes Conference gets underway in Sydney, we look at Macquarie's contribution to a world-changing project.
New Cochlear study to help millions of Chinese children
Early identification of hearing loss could be even more important for children who speak tonal languages such as Mandarin, research shows.
Leading Lights: Cities need more rooftop gardens
Distinguished Professor Michelle Leishman is Head of Macquarie University's Department of Biological Sciences, leader of the Green Cities Project, board member of the Royal Botanic Gardens, and all-around hero of the garden. Discussing the 'Living
Coffee waste to coffee cups? The ultimate recycle
A Macquarie researcher believes he's found a way to make the national take-away coffee habit more environmentally friendly.
Hypnosis breakthrough in changing ingrained behaviour
Macquarie researchers have used hypnosis to achieve what was previously considered impossible: to overcome an ingrained behaviour usually outside our conscious control.
How is interstellar dust formed?
Astrophysicist Tayyaba Zafar, from the new Australian Astronomical Optics team at Macquarie, explains.
A star-gazers' guide as five brightest planets align in the night sky
Astronomy fans, five aligned planets are visible in the early evening sky for ten days in October. Department of Physics and Astronomy Senior Scientific Officer Adam Joyce shares what to expect from this spectacular line-up.
Jobs for rural Australia in synthetic biology revolution
Scientific innovation in Macquarie labs can help drive an emerging – and lucrative – biomanufacturing industry.
Girls and boys are taught science differently, new study finds
A new research paper reveals why we need to address gender stereotypes before more women will win the Nobel Prize for Physics.