Sex Discrimination Act exemptions should be scrapped to protect students and teachers
Unmarried pregnant women, divorcees and LGBTQI students and teachers can be kicked out of religious schools under current law, explains Macquarie University's Dr Tiffany Jones.
New child sex abuse laws go easier on 'sexting' teens, but pedophiles beware
NSW has broken new ground with its tough law reforms in response to the royal commission into child sex abuse, writes Associate Lecturer Zara Bending of Macquarie Law School.
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Mediocre bank managers, it's time to go
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Review: The Merchant of Venice at Sydney's pop-up Globe Theatre
Groundlings may be fair game for exuberant banter from actors on stage but this new take on Shakespeare's story also gives us the chance to reflect on prejudice in modern-day Australia, writes English Professor Louise D'Arcens.
How parents can help children learn
Is there a right or wrong way to teach children?
Public pressure must end the ivory trade in Australia
As rhino and elephant body parts are pulled from a legal Australian auction taking place today, conservationists hope a current Senate Inquiry will be the beginning of the end for our domestic ivory trade.
Why the medical approach to back pain is broken
Many sufferers are wasting their money on treatments that don't work, a new study shows.