The Economy


What's the difference between business winners and losers?
Why do some companies succeed and some fail? What differentiates the one start-up that becomes a unicorn from the ones that go nowhere?
Flexible work can cause even more pressure on working parents
Flexible work – such as working from home during school holidays - can sometimes be more of a curse than a blessing for employees, with current research suggesting it can add stress for working parents.
Future of work is about humans, not robots
With the national conversation turning to the future of work, Macquarie Business School's Professor Lucy Taksa says responding well to diversity in the workplace is a much bigger issue than the fear of robots taking our jobs.
How should Australia price carbon?
Stefan Trueck, Professor of Business Analytics in the Macquarie Business School, explains how carbon pricing works and what method we should adopt.
Working from home is more productive, but bosses don't like it
The technology is available but your boss is the main barrier to more people working from anywhere, economists say.
Climate wars: what you need to know before you vote on Saturday
Carbon pricing expert Stefan Trueck, Professor of Business Analytics at the Macquarie Business School, sits down for a Q&A on the differences between the major parties’ climate policies.
How blockchain could change the way you buy your next house
Slashing the cost of real estate conveyancing is just one of the ways blockchain technology will transform commerce and affect our daily lives. Professor Tom Smith, Head of Macquarie’s Department of Applied Finance, explains.
Keep it local to help break third world poverty cycle
New research from Macquarie Business School will provide a road map for governments and manufacturers in developing countries to help end entrenched economic disadvantage.
Why would anyone go into the family business?
Australians have long been fascinated by the Shakespearean succession dramas among families such as the Murdochs and Packers. But as we move into the peak Baby Boomer retirement years a crisis may be looming - who will take over the family businesses
Cashless society a foil for rogue banks
The potential for money laundering by rogue banks will diminish as Australia transitions to a cashless society, says Macquarie Business School's Professor Tom Smith.
A disorderly divorce: why a reversal of Brexit could be the best outcome
While chaos and confusion reign in the UK Parliament, Brexit − Britain’s proposed split from the European Union − has already taken its toll on the UK economy.
Who are Australians in 2019?
Five Macquarie University academics give a snapshot of what it means to be an Australian right now.