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When granny flat deals go bad: legal pitfalls for the elderly
An ageing population and concerns about the quality of aged care in Australia are tipped to lead to more family care arrangements – but what looks like a win-win situation is leading to dire consequences for elderly parents, research by
Love thyself – Singles prepare to self-splurge this Valentine’s Day
Singles are big business and retailers are cashing in, says Macquarie University retail marketing researcher Associate Professor Jana Bowden.
Do women make better CEOs than men?
Myth-busting research from Macquarie University's Business School reveals that companies with a woman in the top position, or with three or more women on their board, reap many benefits.
What's in a nickname at work?
While many nicknames are often a sign of inclusion, in the workplace they can be used to exert control or to help workmates band together.
Sport sponsorship - is it worth the money?
How much should big brands pay to sponsor Roger, Serena or Manchester United? New research from Macquarie Business School looks at why fans buy the merch and estimates what the cost should be for sponsors.
The importance of whistleblowers in the war on white-collar crime
Most corporate wrongdoing would go undetected were it not for suspicious co-workers raising the alarm. But why do so many turn a blind eye?
Feeling festive makes us spend money
Christmas shopping triggers hormonal hits of pleasure in our brains, says Jana Bowden from the Macquarie Business School.
Friday FOMO helps loosen our purse strings
December takes a back seat now as Black Friday kicks off the festive sales season where Australians are expected to spend $53 billion in the lead up to Christmas.
Life after the HSC: how to find the right job
You don't have to decide what to do with the rest of your life right now -  in this cheat sheet for school leavers, workplace expert Dr Patrick Garcia busts common myths about choosing a career.
There's more to musical collaborations than money: study
As revenues from music sales continue to dwindle, there is a growing tendency for artists to collaborate to boost online streams and broaden their fan base – but it’s not always just a shameless cash grab.
Citizensourcing our way to Utopia
What if the average citizen could not only easily volunteer ideas to governments but have those ideas seriously considered and, on occasion, implemented? Could 'citizensourcing' be the answer to voter disenchantment?
The customer is NOT always right
Most employers expect staff to grin and bear it when customers are rude. They might take a different approach if they understood the impact it can have on their business.