The Economy


Free credit, and not from a bank. What's not to love?
In the era of digital disruption and COVID-19, new online operators have received a shot in the arm and are revolutionising the way we access credit.
Please explain: what is high-frequency trading?
Professor Maroš Servátka, Director of Macquarie Business School Experimental Economics Laboratory, explains the role of high-frequency trading in the current financial market upheaval.
Don't panic but move fast to save the family firm
Reacting with entrepreneurial flair to the financial crisis forced upon firms by the COVID-19 lockdown could mean the difference between survival and extinction, according to Macquarie Business School’s Professor Francesco Chirico.
Jobs crisis: when will Australians work again?
The upheaval in the labour market due to COVID-19 has highlighted the structural differences that exist among the unemployed in today’s society, explain Macquarie Business School researchers Dr Lurion De Mello and Dr Prashan Karunaratne.
What are market bubbles and can they be popped?
A newly-published paper says it could be possible to eliminate bubbles and crashes in financial and housing markets. Professor Maroš Servátka, Director of Macquarie Business School Experimental Economics Laboratory, explains how innovative trading
Australia's COVID-19 success so far: a victory for optimism?
Research by Professor Steven Grover of Macquarie Business School shows the more optimistic you are, the more likely you’ll believe that rules, such as social distancing, work.
COVID-19 and the downsides of a cashless society
Cash may no longer be king during the time of coronavirus, but let’s not rush to a pure digital currency, says Dr John Selby from the Macquarie Business School.
The coronavirus has changed work forever
Like most developed nations, Australia has embraced working from home in recent weeks. It’s an experiment that will have lasting and profound consequences, says Dr Sarah Bankins from Macquarie Business School.
Seven positive outcomes of COVID-19
From recovering ecosystems to new ways of learning, there are silver linings to the global pandemic, writes Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal of Macquarie Business School.
Oil tanks, driving prices into uncharted waters
PLEASE EXPLAIN: Even as major oil-producers have agreed to cut output amid a massive glut, this hasn’t prevented the US oil price falling into negative territory for the first time ever. Dr Lurion De Mello explains how this happened.
How to manage extreme economic events during times of uncertainty
Lessons from earlier crises show how best to keep the economy running during the current COVID-19 outbreak. David Orsmond, Professor of Economics at Macquarie Business School, explains.
Coronavirus sees companies deliver for the greater good
Covid-19 presents an opportunity for businesses to own their social responsibility and show the depth of their commitment to society. Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal from the Macquarie Business School explains.