The Economy


Cashless society a foil for rogue banks
The potential for money laundering by rogue banks will diminish as Australia transitions to a cashless society, says Macquarie University finance Professor Tom Smith.
Who are Australians in 2019?
Five Macquarie University academics give a snapshot of what it means to be an Australian right now.
Positive online hotel reviews have more clout than the complainers
We pay far more attention to positive online hotel reviews - and ignore negative ones, new research has found.
Never mind fake news, what about fake CVs?
A digital backpack is under development to help tackle the widespread problem of job-seekers lying on their resumes.
The epidemic of workplace unhappiness: new book
As the banking royal commission enters its final week of public hearings, a new book sheds light on how corrupt practices may have infected the entire workforce.
It's official: being kind makes you happy and healthy
Money might not buy you happiness but volunteering does - in spades, a Macquarie economics study has discovered.
Why co-ops could be the solution to corporate corruption
Co-ops were a popular business model in previous centuries and they are slowly making a comeback as their community focus appeals to a disgruntled public.
Jobs for rural Australia in synthetic biology revolution
Scientific innovation in Macquarie labs can help drive an emerging – and lucrative – biomanufacturing industry.
Why you should take a guilt-free mental health day
Days off work are essential both for performing well and protecting yourself from exhaustion and work-related stress, says psychologist Dr Monique Crane.
Mediocre bank managers, it's time to go
The banking industry has had an easy run, now it needs to be forced to adopt business excellence practices, say MGSM experts Vik Kortian and Norma Harrison.
Future of work is about humans, not robots
#meToo and #OscarsSoWhite have shown that resolving workplace tensions over diversity and power will become even more critical than technology in tomorrow’s workplace.
Australia’s population hits 25 million earlier than expected
This week on August 7, Australia’s population reached 25 million, more than two decades faster than predicted.