The Environment


What is a lunar eclipse?
Astrophysicist Professor Richard de Grijs explains exactly what happens during a lunar eclipse like the rare spectacle that occured on July 28.
What is ephemeral art?
Distinguished Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences Michael Gillings explains.
A star-gazers' guide to three celestial events you won't want to miss this year
Astronomy fans, save the dates - five planets will be visible in the early evening sky for ten days in October. And Department of Physics and Astronomy Senior Scientific Officer, Adam Joyce says there'll be a bonus meteor shower in December.
Public pressure must end the ivory trade in Australia
As rhino and elephant body parts are pulled from a legal Australian auction taking place today, conservationists hope a current Senate Inquiry will be the beginning of the end for our domestic ivory trade.
Late bushfire season and extreme heat put pressure on resources
A longer fire season means less chance to reduce bushfire fuel load through hazard reduction, says natural hazards expert Andrew Gissing, putting a greater burden on resources.
Cities need more rooftop gardens to balance urban sprawl
Green places are vital for improving our health and creating a sense of community. So how do we balance development with green space?
From sea monsters to BFFs: the amazing mateship of sharks
Sharks loom large and menacingly in the Australian imagination but new research shows that, just like humans, sharks have friends.
Wild Australian rice could be the key to feeding 11 billion people
Following nearly a decade of research, the discovery of a heat-tolerant protein in native rice is set to go live in field trials of genetically engineered wheat.
Solving the problem of honey bee colony collapse
Microscopic tagging of individual bees has uncovered crucial new data which could help colonies survive and ultimately protect our fresh food supply.
Coral diversity thrives through a game of rock paper scissors
New research reveals how coral competes for space and light on the Great Barrier Reef – it's a battle of toxic barbs and poison tentacles.
Astrophysicist Lee Spitler tackles the question of life in space
We journey to the final frontier with Dr Lee Spitler and discuss life among the stars and ask him to tackle the age-old question: are there extra-terrestrial lifeforms out there?
Donna Houston on tackling the environmental challenges of life in future cities
What are the environmental challenges facing cities of the future? Geography and planning lecturer Dr Donna Houston predicts what life in large urban centres might look like in years to come.